10 Home Upgrades That Are Worth It!

But you’ve recently purchased a new house, or you’re planning to remodel your current one. You can feel good about investing in your home upgrades. Upgrading areas of your home not only look good, but they can actually improve your quality of life. You need a mix of practical updates that will help you to protect your home and up its value, and fun updates to customize it for your lifestyle.

For example, paying out for Renewal by Andersen windows can make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home, but adding a pool can be more fun! You want to make sure that your home remodel is a good one, making your home more comfortable and stylish as a result. Both interior and exterior upgrades can make a difference to your home, so let’s take a look at ten upgrades to consider that will absolutely be worth it.


These are showers that eliminate barriers and give you a sleeker look. By swapping to showers that lack the lip or edge of a traditional basin, you’re going to effectively turn your bathroom into a wetroom. Of course, there’s more work involved to create these amazing showers, but they are a trend in bathroom renovations that are offering practical stylish looks without the giant imposition.


 The cost of energy is a big thing right now. We’re watching the cost of living go skyrocketing so it makes sense that we would want more for our roof. If we can make the house more energy efficient, we should. By investing in the roof, you can make a big difference to your home and cool roofing can help. These reflect more sunlight than the traditional roofing options. You can improve comfort indoors, decrease energy used to cool the home down, and upgrade your roof properly.


 The kitchen is the heart of the home and you can bet that you’ll spend a lot of time there. Upgrading the countertops is a big step as they are a statement piece. You can make sure that you choose a material that withstands food prep, spills, crafts, and frequent bleaching from your cleaning efforts. New countertops with a material like quartz can make a huge difference to the look of the kitchen and the way you add value to the house.


 You do not have to have a sliding metal monstrosity in your garage if you don’t want to! You can choose from a range of excellent styles, and a new door can make the difference you need. New doors with better insulation or windows for more natural light can make the entire space more comfortable. Garage door replacements are worth every cent you’ll invest, and it has one of the highest returns on investment when it comes to the resale value, too.


You know that feeling on a wintry morning when you swing your legs out of bed and pop your feet on the floor? That should be comfortable! Your feet shouldn’t touch cold flooring so why not look at heating under the floor? You can upgrade the flooring and add a radiant system to your home and it’s a big project. You can rip out your existing flooring and replace it with underfloor heating and feel the difference right away.


You need your bathroom to be well-ventilated. The right model can help with matching the size of the shower and the amount of condensation and humidity makes a difference. Look for an automatic vent that has a humidity sensor so that when you turn it on, you can instantly be sure that your bathroom won’t have that build-up of moisture.


This is one addition to your home that you will benefit from. You can replace a traditional water heater with something that is energy-friendly and space-saving. You can bet that you won’t have to have a huge tank in the way any longer, not when you can buy a tankless heater. They’re small and can bolt to the wall, taking up a lot less space and your water won’t be limited to what can be held.


 If you love your outdoor entertainment space, upgrading the deck makes all the difference. You need a space that can be flexible and a new deck will give you exactly that. You need the right materials, the right furniture, and the right landscaping company to help you to build the right deck. You need a place where you can work, play, and unwind. It looks good and it gives you an excellent return on investment, too.


 All house storage makes a big difference but in the kitchen especially, you need more storage. Appliances, utensils, dishes, and pantry items can all do better with storage to fit everything. You can buy something expensive or you can go cheaper. Either way, you need to look at the kitchen storage options that you can buy into. From built-in options to the walls to cupboards and baskets, will make a difference to the space.


 If you want to upgrade your house in a way worth it, go solar! Be more energy efficient and decrease your energy costs all at the same time with solar panel installation on the roof. There are so many great options out there and there will be companies competing for your business. Supplementing the house with solar power will help you in the long run with your carbon footprint and sustainability.

Your home can benefit from any or all of these upgrades. Think about installing one or more of these tips into your home and watch how fast your home’s value increases. You’ll thank yourself for your savvy thinking later on and you’ll be happy you made the upgrades you needed.

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