10 Reasons Chile Should Be On The Traveler’s Bucket List

No trip to South America is complete without visiting Chile. If you still haven’t ticked off this captivating destination from your travel bucket list, now is the time to do so. Here are 10 reasons you should visit Chile.

#1 – Torres Del Paine National Park

Torres Del Paine National Park

Thousands of tourists’ flock to this national park every year. It is in the Patagonia region and is a major tourist attraction. There are two treks through which Torres Del Paine can be explored. One takes 4-5 days, and the other takes 7-10 days. However, the view from the top is worth every effort you take

#2 – Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

Another reason why tourists flock to Chile is – Atacama Desert. This dessert is the driest in the world and the closest place on Earth to the stars. It is a few hundred kilometres from San Pedro and has the European Southern observatory located here.

Its unique geographical position and lack of pollution have made it the best place in the world for stargazing.

#3 – Cochamo Valley

Cochamo Valley

Located in the Los Lagos region of Chile, Cochamo Valley is home to colourful granite cliffs and has a lush green forest. There are awesome hikes here and is a perfect location for rock climbers.

#4 – Experience Finest Gourmet Cuisine

You can indulge in some delicious and mouth-watering cuisines in Chile. The food here is a blend of Spanish tradition and Peruvian influence. Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing seafood which is abundantly found in Chile.

chile local cuisine

#5 – Excellent Architecture

Chile is well-known for its exceptional architecture, from Colonial Spanish buildings and crumbling ruins to seaside houses of Pablo Neruda.

The architecture across the country will charm you no matter what. It is the best destination for architecture and history lovers.

#6 – Hike an Active Volcano

Villarrica Volcano

The Villarrica Volcano is in a small and cosy town named Pucon. From here you can ascend your way to the lava-filled summit.

#7 – El Tatio Geysers

The geysers in Chile are majestic. It’s a memorable experience to watch the steam rise from the highest geyser field in the world; it just looks like a scene from a movie.

The best time to reach here is before sunrise. More than 60 geysers spew as the sun rises leading to a spectacular sight.

#8 – Wine and The Pisco

Chile is known for incredible wines. Apart from wine, Pisco, a grape product, is must-have when you visit Chile. If you wish to find out more about spirit production process, you can visit the Elqui Valley.

#9 – Easter Island

easter island

The mystical Rapa Nui or Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the earth and is known for large stone statues. It lies in Chile, and nobody knows the reason for statues that circle this island. Although, the flight to Easter Island could cost you on the higher side, but it is totally worth the cost.

#10 – Cultural Heritage

Chile is known for an ideal blend of cultures from Spanish and immigrants. The rich cultural heritage of Chile will make you feel like you are travelling across multiple countries.

With unique cuisine options and diverse landscape, Chile is a destination suitable for every type of traveller.

But Remember:

While planning your vacation to Chile, apart from making a perfect itinerary, make sure you buy international travel insurance before you get on that plane. This is especially true if you do not want any unforeseen calamity to wipe-off massive chunk of your money during your vacation.

Here are some basic coverages given by international travel insurance to make your vacation a peaceful and enjoyable one:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Luggage and personal belonging protection
  • Flight cancellation
  • Emergency accommodation

Chile - Travelers Bucket List Top 10


Chile has an extraordinary landscape, and it is possible to see everything from one end to the other. There are mountains, spectacular glaciers, snowcapped volcanoes to an endless coastline and the driest place on earth. It is an all-in-one destination, and it can never really be emphasised how spectacular Chile is.

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