10 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Vacation Rental

It’s that time of year again – time to look for the perfect vacation rental. You want to have an enjoyable summer and here are some tips how to do so.

10 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Vacation Rental from Life in a House of Testosterone

1.  Pick The Right Beds

If you travel with children, you should ask for a portable crib or for small bunk beds. Most vacation rentals have cribs, but they give them on a first-come, first-served basis. You can’t risk to show up on site, only to find out there aren’t any cribs available. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase a small blow-up bed or even a sleeping bag. Don’t forget to pack your own crib sheets and a warm blanket. Just to make sure your little one isn’t going to catch a cold.

2.  Consider Safety Above All Other Things

You should consider packing all those things that make a room baby-proof such as outlet covers, table corner protectors and any other similar accessories. Some multi-unit venues may already have child-proofed rooms, so all you need to do is ask to have one for you. If you have a new crawler in your family, you may also want to take a childproof gate or enclosure with you, as well as some nightlights to prevent night time accidents. You may also want to pack a no-spill cup, in order to avoid incidents that might stain the carpets and the upholstery. Once you get there, you should place all breakable vases, plates and decor elements out of the reach of children.

3.  Have Some Entertainment With You

You might be able to find rentals that offer games or TVs, but you should always make sure you have some entertaining toys and books with you, just in case your junior is going to get bored. You could even buy a few new toys or action figures for this trip. The more exciting the toys, the more your kids are going to entertain themselves, allowing mom and dad a few moments of relaxation after a long day out.

4.  Make Room for Your Beach Gear

You should ask your hosts whether they can offer you various beach amenities such as beach towels, mats or chairs, sun umbrellas, Frisbee discs and sand toys. Pack a big beach bag or a tote bag big enough to accommodate your beach gear, your sunscreen, insect repellent, moisturizing cream and a basic first aid kit. If you’re flying to your destination, keep your luggage at a minimum by taking inflatable beach balls and collapsible water bottles.

The likelihood is if you are enjoying a beach rental such as these Gulf Shores rentals – a great place for a holiday – you will need to pack this stuff.

5.  Take Your Favorite Spices and Condiments With You

If you can’t eat your food without sprinkling it with ketchup, salt or pepper, you’d better pack your own. You may not need to use them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Moreover, you could take along a special container or a compartmentalized pills box filled with various herbs and spices. This is how you’re always going to enjoy your favorite seasonings without having to waste time searching for restaurants that offer them.

6.  Take Some Zip-lock Bags and Plastic Containers

You may be able to find plastic wrap and aluminium foil at your rental, but it’s much better to pack your own zip bags to use for on-the-go snacks. The plastic containers could be very useful to help you pack fragile items such as seashells and other delicate souvenirs. Don’t forget to pack a few twist-ties and clothespins, as they are perfect for clipping your cracker bags and for hanging your towels.

7.  Cleanliness is Important

Ask at your rental if they have a washer and a dryer. If the answer is yes, you might want to pack some laundry detergent. This would enable you to pack less clothes, as you’ll have the opportunity to wash them during your stay. Besides, you’ll get home with mostly clean clothes, so you’ll have less work to do once you’re back from vacation. Remember to pack several plastic bags, as they are going to be useful for packing sandy shoes and sandals, as well as dirty laundry.

8.  Make Your Children Feel at Home

Some children have difficulties in falling asleep in strange beds, especially when they are already tired after a full day of travel. By packing their favorite blanket, a familiar nightlight or a small pillow, you could help your child fall asleep much faster. White noise smartphone apps or noise machines may also be very useful.

9.  Plan Your Meals Before Leaving Home

You should pack a few things for a quick meal on arrival, or make sure you’ll be able to order a pizza or some other food on your first night. Next, make sure you take advantage of your kitchen rental. Buy all groceries you need for the week, such as cereal, milk, eggs, canned soups, fruit and vegetables, and don’t forget to get a few treats. You need to feel you’re on vacation, after all. Avoid buying too much food, as you don’t want to throw it away on departure or end up eating only broccoli and bananas on your last day.

10.  Check the Room Carefully Before Leaving

The more room you have, the biggest the chances to leave things behind. This is why you need to check the room very well before leaving, so that you can make sure you’ve got everything packed. Last but not least, give the rental a positive review and a good rating and pay forward the good time.

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  1. Such great tips!! I love the idea of taking your favorite condiments with!! Just those little things make it really feel like a home away from home!!

    • You should see my husband’s tackle box lol – he has ketchup, mustard and mayo packets in a zip-lock baggie and then he has a mini bottle of hot sauce and his own salt and pepper shakers in there. He also has neosporin, bandaids, and tylenol. We never have to worry when Dad goes fishing and we tag along – he’s got everything but the kitchen sink lol!

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