It’s 10PM: Don’t You Have Homework To Do?

It’s Spring. The last few weeks of school are looming on the horizon. Is your son or daughter failing a class due to not turning in homework assignments like my eldest son? Do you have other issues going on with your student, such as ADHD or a learning disability that you believe might be the cause of the problem?

It's 10PM: Don't You Have Homework To Do? from Order Out of Chaos
If this sounds like your household – help is here. Leslie Josel has created this jam-packed instructional DVD for parents and educators alike to help get your student on the right track again! I had the opportunity to review this latest DVD from Leslie and Order Out of Chaos and I am thrilled to inform my readers about this excellent addition to your educational library.

“Organizing and Time Management Strategies for Academic Success” says it all. Watch as Leslie speaks to a group of educators and parents in this updated 2014 Edition of her popular DVD and learn more about the following:

  • Executive Functioning and how it affects students (LATEST INFO)
  • New student organizing products (not found in stores)
  • Homework Helpers including Homework and Time Management Games
  • How External Communicators can increase motivation
  • Tips for kicking procrastination to the curb

My son – not unlike other children – absolutely hates doing homework. Factor in the ADHD and you’ve got a double whammy on your hands. We have found that time management is our biggest obstacle here at Life in a House of Testosterone, and scheduling down to the very second our open time slots is absolutely crucial.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner as well. If you have a student, having this planner is absolutely crucial. The one that the school provides to my son is fine for the academic day, but it does nothing at all to help him with planning out time for homework and after-school activities. He needs to be able to plan when he needs to begin working on a project or a term paper that is coming due in the future weeks or months, and this planner shows him where all of his time is going.

I was particularly pleased to learn that – contrary to what my parents and teachers drilled into my head growing up – some students actually learn BETTER when there is music playing in the background, or the television might be tuned in to MTV. Growing up, I was only allowed to do homework in my room or at the kitchen table where there was complete quiet – no television, no radio, no anything but my thoughts and I. My son; however, loves to listen to his music while he is working on homework (or doing anything for that matter!) and actually can focus and concentrate better than in a completely quiet environment.

Regardless of what the issue might be for your student – there is something for everyone in this DVD to help get your student back on track. You can buy Leslie’s DVD by visiting her website – Order Out of Chaos – and clicking on Shop Products. The cost is only $25, and bulk orders are accepted – just send an email to with your requirements to receive pricing information.

Quite frankly, it will be the best $25 you have ever spent on your child.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post other than the free DVD to review. I am offering this review on my own and was not requested to do so. I believe in Leslie’s products that much, that I want to share them with my readers.

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