12 Cozy and Rustic Bedroom Trends That Are Worth Trying

No pun intended, but the rustic look is truly timeless and always in style. But, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the tried and true methods to achieve a rustic look; there are plenty of options out there to break new ground and try new styles. There are a number of bedroom set, vanity, and accessory options to give your room that perfect rustic charm. This year’s trend is to mix a bit of the old in with the new.

So, whether you are wanting that urban cowboy looks or want to take your design sentimentalities to the extreme, these tips will help you achieve the look you’re after.

Without further ado, here are 12 cozy and rustic bedroom trends that are totally worth trying.

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#1. White-Washed and Weathered Vanities

These are popping up in just about every bedroom decor spread, but the look is still one of our favorites. Call it “farmhouse chic” or “Victorian-inspired” — whatever the case may be — but, the worn, antique look in vanities is super-hot right now. Same favorite touches are faded gilding and other flourishes to give your bedroom a whimsical quality.

#2. Faded Throw Blankets

Throw blankets that have that certain “washed out” aesthetic are the perfect, cozy compliments to a variety of bedroom set styles — they also help to achieve that perfectly rustic look. Some popular colors are coral, teal, and faded burgundy. These look great in stripes and trellis patterns.

#3. Repurposed… Everything

While recycling and saving money are always in style, using stacked old wooden boxes or steamer chests as accents or side tables are just a few stylish ways to mix the old in with the new. You can even repurpose some old factory pendant lights to complete the aesthetic.

#4. Antique-Inspired Bedroom Sets

Whether you are going for a poster bed or bedroom set with natural wood tones, there are plenty of ways to achieve that rustic or country look when you’re shopping for your next bedroom set. Some of our favorites have the appearance of weathered paint or untreated wood.

#5. Cruelty-Free Longhorns

Nothing ups the rustic look quite like wall-mounted longhorns. But, many are opting for faux-horns that are made from a number of horn-less materials — everything from rope, mirror glass, rhinestones, and jewels!

#6. Reclaimed Sliding Barn Doors

This is one look that works well in urban lofts and rustically inspired bedrooms: reclaimed sliding barn doors. Not only is this a clever way to keep these historic materials out of landfills, but they also offer an unexpected splash of rustic charm to just about any rustic-inspired decor.

#7. Beds with Storage

Eventually, all that space under your bed is going to be taken up by a number of odds and ends. Why not make your under-bed area a functional storage space? Buying a platform storage bed is one option, but pallet bed platforms are an excellent way to repurpose weathered shipping pallets. The Spruce has a number of tips on how to repurpose wooden pallets for bed platforms and many other DIY projects.

#8. Bed Benches with a Rustic Flare

There plenty of rustic-styled bed benches out there, but you could take this one step further by reupholstering a thrift shop find. One stylish touch is to contrast the colors and patterns of your bed bench’s upholstery with some stylish throw blankets and decorative pillows. Of course, fur and leather are also popular upholstering choices for bed benches.

#9. Exposed Ceiling Trusses

One of the best ways to achieve that mountain-rustic look is to install exposed ceiling trusses. We love the example featured in Houzz, where exposed timber trusses are complemented by matching window panes.

#10. Iron-Framed Beds

Whether painted or left bare, iron-framed beds exude farmhouse and rustic charm. The designs of wrought iron beds range from simple and utilitarian to ornate and exquisite. Some popular finishes include pewter, silver, bronze, or white enamel.

#11. Shiplap Walls

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic maritime or farmhouse theme, shiplap walls fit the bill perfectly. While white-painted shiplap walls are always en vogue, try a crackle paint finish for an even more alluringly rustic finish.

#12. Don’t Forget the Accessories

Antique kerosene lamps, statuettes, bark-stripped tree branches — there are a number of ways to accessorize your bedroom to give it a distinctive, rustic look.

Whether you’re going for a Western, country, mountain, or rustic Americana aesthetic in your bedroom, the most important part is to create a space in which you feel comfortable. Your bedroom should be a refuge from the hectic day-to-day life.

So go with the colors, accessories, and furniture that reflect your personal style. And, don’t be afraid to mix in some modern elements in a rustic decor; a mid-century table clock or modern lighting fixture can add some excitement and keep the design scheme from appearing to be too stiff.

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