13 Tips For Using Your Standing Desk Like A Pro

Anyone who works in front of a computer will know all too well how quickly it can become uncomfortable. Even if you’ve set up your chair to align with your monitor, purchased back support for your chair, and ensure that you’re sitting correctly, sitting at a desk can cause a multitude of back and neck problems.

Standing desks are a great way of eliminating this problem, and can be beneficial in many other areas too! We’ve got a great infographic below with tips on how to use your standing desk, but let’s look at some of the benefits it can provide:

  • A standing desk can help keep your weight down because you burn up to twice the amount of calories than you would sitting down.
  • Standing can help improve your mood and energy levels. Being sat down for long periods of time can make you feel sleepy and lack motivation.
  • Using a standing desk can help lower back pain and reduce problems with your back and neck.

And those are just to name a few! If you’ve purchased a standing desk, you may be wondering how to settle yourself into using one, and if there are right and wrong ways of using a standing desk. Let’s take a look at some wonderful tips for using your standing desk like a pro.

The top 13 tips for using your standing desk like a pro are:

  1. Create standing/sitting intervals
  2. Move while using a standing desk
  3. Learn how to stand correctly
  4. Put something soft beneath your feet
  5. Hold your shoulders properly
  6. Preset your ergonomic workspace
  7. Use arm support
  8. Avoid the infamous lean while using your standing desk
  9. Adjust the height of your Ergonomic chair
  10. How long should you stand at a standing desk
  11. Track your steps
  12. Take breaks!
  13. When all other movement fails, fidget!

Infographic Design By Autonomous

While some of these tips may seem straightforward, there really is a science behind how and why to using a standing desk.

To learn more be sure to visit the infographic link above. Autonomous goes into detail on how to achieve each of these 13 tips and provides insights to help you get the most from the correct standing desk for you.

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