17 Savvy Hacks to Transform Your Home Instantly

Many homeowners are spending a lot more time around the house recently, with a surge in working from home it’s no surprise. When you used to leave the house and head out to the office you wouldn’t think twice about the smaller details in and around your home. However, a lot of your time is now spent in your home office, in the kitchen, and everywhere else in your home for that matter! Whether you’re thinking about downsizing to a smaller home, or you simply want to transform your current space, there are so many savvy hacks for you to consider. Sprucing up your living space from top to bottom is probably one of the best ways you can spend your time and resources at the moment, so why not make some much-needed changes today? Focus on the areas that require the most work, and you will soon discover so many incredible ways to transform your home for the better.

1. New Doors

Whether you’re looking to overhaul the interior or exterior aesthetic of your home, new doors will conquer both of these things for you. A brightly colored front door can bring a pop of color to your house, and create a warm and welcoming feeling from the moment you enter. As well as improving the beauty of your home, new doors will also improve your insulation levels.

If you don’t have a budget to buy new doors, you can revamp the old ones to transform your home instantly. For instance, you can paint it with a different color to add a modern feel or a brighter vibe to your entrance door. You can also change the finishing of a wooden door, such as applying a mahogany lacquer finish and sealing it properly to ensure it’ll last longer.

2. New Windows

Much like new doors, fresh windows can completely transform the overall look of your home. Perhaps you’ve been living with single glazed windows or windows that are decades old and starting to wear away. You may want to consider a window replacement company to add beauty to your home and reduce the amount of energy you use. Not only will your home feel more beautiful, but you have also greatly improved the overall practicalities of your house too.

3. Curtains and Blinds

Framing your new shiny windows with beautiful blinds or curtains is exactly what your home is looking for. Whether you install blackout blinds in your bedroom or opt for plain and simple drapes in your living room, they can really create a signature look when you choose the right design and shade. Hire an expert to fit your blinds and curtains to perfection so you don’t need to worry about altering them for the perfect fit.

4. Comfortable Furniture

From your sofa to your dining table and chairs, having comfortable furniture in your home is the perfect way to elevate every room. Start from the most important room, and consider which items of furniture may need to be replaced or upcycled in order to make the best possible transformation in your home.

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If you have a small living room, it pays off to invest in double-duty furniture pieces, such as a sleeper sofa. This sofa comes with removable seat cushions and is multi-functional, saving you a lot of space for other furniture items. In addition, you can also make your living room your primary bedroom with a sofa bed. The built-in storage units of a sofa bed are perfect for storing pillows and blankets during the daytime.

5. Soothing Scents

As soon as you walk into your house you want to feel welcomed and relaxed. Achieving this is simple when you choose the perfect scents! Alternate your aromas or choice as the seasons’ change and your home will always feel fresh and updated. Whether you opt for a pumpkin spice scent during the autumn or fresh vanilla for the spring, now is the perfect time to choose your favorite scents and use them to transform your home!

6. Kitchen Hacks

Organizing your kitchen cupboards is definitely something that many people dread, but it can create a sense of order and calm in one of the busiest rooms in the home. Label your jars, throw out any outdated food and strip back to the bare necessities when it comes to utensils. With these simple hacks, your kitchen will feel streamlined and easier than ever to use.

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Maintaining your kitchen’s functionality is just as important as its aesthetics. So, it’s crucial to check and resolve any kitchen problem, such as plumbing issues. For instance, you can unclog your sink drains by following some do-it-yourself (DIY) plumbing tutorials or hiring a plumbing expert to do the job. In that way, you won’t have to deal with a foul smell coming out from a clogged kitchen sink and a potential flood.

7. Color Schemes

Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2022

The color scheme of your home can change as the months, seasons and years go by. First of all, you want to start thinking about the flow of your house and how each theme connects together. For example, is the downstairs of your home neutral and cool in terms of tone? Does this mean that a pop of color in your downstairs bathroom or hallway will create a signature look? These are some of the things to consider when you’re changing up the color scheme in your home. 

8. Accessories and Soft Furnishings

Adding accessories and luxurious soft furnishings to your home is a sure-fire way to elevate its overall elegance. From beautiful picture frames to scented candles, you can transform the tables and mantle pieces in your home using a few simple accessories. Stunning cushions, blankets, and rugs can also be used to add style to any of the rooms in your home.

9. Flooring Ideas

Carpeting your wooden floor or stripping back your current carpet can completely transform the look and feel of any room. If one of the rooms in your home is starting to feel a little tired and weary, why not look into new ideas for flooring? A simple varnish and shine could fully change the way your living room floor looks and feels.

10. Wall Hangings

Choosing artwork for your home may feel overwhelming, but it can actually be a lot of fun. First of all, you need to decide which walls and rooms require a little bit of extra care and attention. Whether you opt for modern geometric designs or classic prints, there are so many incredible wall hangings you can add to your home.

11. Personal Touches

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your home, there is truly nothing better than printing off photographs and creating a montage. Collating all of your incredible memories into one dedicated space in your house can take it to the next level. When you’re surrounded by happy memories you will always feel at peace in your home environment.

12. Storage Solutions

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Getting savvy with storage is a useful step for any homeowner, even if you have a large home. The way you organize your belongings and your space can improve how your home operates on a daily basis. Think about the simple things such as where you store your shoes and where you hang up your coats; small changes can truly make a huge difference to your home overall.

13. Bathroom Ideas

Freshening up your bathroom is not only the perfect way to prepare for guests but can also enhance your levels of calm and relaxation. Your bathroom should be your go-to place to unwind and get ready for the day ahead. Make the most of your space using smart corner storage for your toiletries and consider re-tiling your floor to give it a brighter and fresher vibe.

14. Spare Bedroom Options

Adjusting the way you use your spare room is a great way to revitalize your home during this time of year. Perhaps your spare room has simply been a waste of space up until now and you want to get started on a project that makes you feel excited. Start by choosing a specific purpose for your spare room – this will make it a lot easier to start the decorating process. Whether you’re creating a dreamy guest bedroom space or you’re building a home office from scratch, your spare room is ready and raring to be transformed.

15. Blissful Additions

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Maintaining a calm and relaxing living environment is extremely important, especially when you spend a lot of time at home. Whether you use candles, photographs, comfortable cushions, or blankets to add a sense of bliss to the favorite spots in your home, now is your chance to create a sense of calm and wellness in your home.

16. Study and Office Areas

Having a dedicated office space is extremely important if you regularly work from home. Working from your kitchen table or sofa isn’t good for your productivity or your physical health. Sprucing up your study or office area (even if it’s just a corner in your living room!) will make a huge difference. With a comfortable chair, sturdy desk, and inspiring decor, you will soon look forward to sitting down to work every single day.

17. Outdoor Space

It is very easy to forget about your outdoor space as the colder months approach, but you can make adjustments at any time of the year. Think about how you can prepare your garden for the winter and spring by investing in some seasonal flowers to brighten up your yard. Use a waterproof cover to protect any garden furniture and it will be as good as new when you decide to sit outside again.

Remember, there is no rush to make all of these changes right away. Focus on one area at a time in your home and you will soon see results. Every homeowner is completely different, and your priorities may differ from those around you. When you take the time to transform specific spaces in your home, you will start to appreciate all of the things you have. Whether you’re completely overhauling your home office or you’re adding some calming accessories to your bedroom, there are so many small but mighty changes you can make to your home in the upcoming weeks, months, and years.

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