1byone Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

1byone Wireless Headphones

I’m a busy mom on the go, so I need a pair of headphones that are going to be able to hang in there with me throughout the entire day, through thick and thin. I enjoyed having the opportunity to review the 1byone Bluetooth wireless headphones. A quick description of the product that is available in black, black and green or white and grey:

  • With Bluetooth 4.1, supported by apt-X HD and 6th generation CVC tech, to ensure high-fidelity bilateral stereo sound and clear speech.
  • Smart indicator for battery level – when connected with iOS system, it will display the battery status of the headphone.
  • The ergonomic in-ears are very comfortable to wear and will stay in your ear at all levels of exercise.
  • Battery core from Panasonic, longer battery life, your training won’t be interrupted.
  • Most reliable Bluetooth connectivity and stable responsive ability, pairing two devices, freely switching without any challenge, always keeping pace with you.


These three little buttons control almost everything you need to do with your headphones. You can forward to the next song, go back to a previous song, mute your conversation, turn the volume up and down – these three little buttons on the right headphone do it all! The microphone works perfectly and I had no problems hearing others speaking and they had no issues with hearing me either – which isn’t always the case with built-in microphones.

They also come with three adjustable ear bud and ear hook cushions – small, medium, and large – so they fit just about anyone. My 13-year-old absconded with my headphones and changed the ear buds out to the small feature and I was told, “Since they fit me perfectly, then they must be for me.” Can’t argue with that logic! I haven’t quite mastered the ear hook feature, but that’s probably just because I have strange ears.


I have to admit, I didn’t read the instructions when I received my headphones. So when it came time to charge them up, I began to panic. There was absolutely no visible sign of where I should plug these headphones in at to connect to my computer to charge. The charging port is hidden inside the right headphone. Just pop the back open and viola – there it is! It’s nice having the “nuts and bolts” operational features tucked away so that the product maintains its visual appeal.

These little guys charge FAST. The other wireless sports headphones that I have reviewed would take sometimes 2 to 3 hours to charge up (but also had a longer usage time of up to almost 20 hours of non-stop usage) but I had a full charge on my 1byone headphones usually within 30 minutes or less and a usage time of about 7 hours of non-stop music.

A special service that I truly enjoyed is the smart indicator. When your headphones are connected to a device with an iOS system, the battery status for the headphones displays on your phone – so you have a visual reminder when your battery starts getting low!


Pair Two Devices and Switch Between Them Freely. Are you like me, sitting there going “Yeah, right!” to that statement? It’s true! You can!!! I was completely stoked when I found this feature of the 1byone headphones! Hubby is constantly asking me to make phone calls or send text messages on his phone and it is so totally cool to be able to have his Samsung and my iPhone paired at the same time and be able to work with both simultaneously. Two thumbs up to 1byone for this feature!

Review Synopsis

The 1byone wireless headphones have amazing sound quality and charge extremely fast. The Bluetooth capabilities left a wee bit to be desired though when my phone was centrally located in our apartment and I couldn’t walk two rooms away without losing connectivity to my music. That does not mean that the Bluetooth capabilities are faulty. It just means that due to the construction of our apartment and other environmental factors, the signal wasn’t as clear as it could have been. Testing it outside of our apartment, I was able to walk a good distance from my cell phone and still receive the signal and listen to my music. I really enjoy the feature that tells me when the headphones are turned on, when they have been paired, and when the headphones turn off. It’s nice not having to pull them from my ears and look for the lights to tell me if they have been turned off or not. I also love the special feature that allows me to see my battery level of the headphones right on my iPhone screen.

You can find more absolutely amazing products on the 1byone website and follow them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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