Celebrate Your Super Dad Fathers Day Giveaway
Father's Day

Celebrate Your #SuperDad Father’s Day Giveaway

So this year, I wanted to honor those dads of the world who work tirelessly for their families without (much) complaint, that teach our young men how to be better young men, that teach our daughters how a young man should treat her, our fathers who are serving their country and are away from their families, and those that watch over their families as protective as any mother hen ever could. So to those dads everywhere – we thank you for being there for your children and your families. [read more]

tweens teens and self-esteem

Tweens and Teens and Self-Esteem

Tweens and Teens have a difficult time building their self-esteem due to hormones, peer pressure, emotional turmoil and a multitude of other factors and influences. Staying the course and helping them through each period is one method of finding what works best for your child. [read more]