Stand by Me: Top Tips for Training Your Dog in Personal Protection

Even if you can’t see, smell, or taste danger, your dog can. Mollyanna knows when the boys or hubby are sick, and she never once leaves my side (unless nature calls) when I am having a seizure. She lays beside me and will bark to alert the guys if something is wrong with me.

Dogs are incredible animals. We’re going to discuss the importance of training as well as how to train them to stand by you forever, guarding your home and your life. Read on to find out how!

Income and Expenses

Budget Buddies: Simple Steps for Saving on Household Goods

Living costs money.  Even those who consider themselves savers and modest when it comes to spending need to watch their budget.  There are hundreds of ways to save yet it helps to start closest to home, analyzing how you can cut costs on household goods.

We discuss identifying the staples that you need for your family, why alternatives to the brands you consume the most can help you save money, and how membership cards can help you save on those special purchases. We’re also going to tell you how to save money by shopping several different stores and segmenting your shopping list and last but not least, the hundreds of dollars worth of coupons in your Sunday paper every week! Read on for these helpful tips!


Things To Do On Your UK Holiday

It’s no big secret that my eldest son, Jonathan, and I have a strange fascination for the UK and dream of traveling there one day. There are so many sites to see – castles and museums to explore, the shops, the streets, and one cannot forget the beautifully picturesque countryside.

We also want to visit Parliment, Big Ben, the Tower of London, check out the music scene and the West End. I don’t want to miss visiting Leicester Square and then off to have a peek around the grounds of Buckingham Palace and maybe spot a royal or two. It goes without saying that I would want the opportunity to visit Princess Diana’s grave as well.

So how do you plan your trip? We enlisted the help of some friends to put together a list of some of the best things to do on our UK holiday.