Life in a House Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Subscription Box Gift Ideas

If you have not taken the time to review the numerous subscription boxes and/or services available out there, now is a perfect time! Receive twice the amount of product as you would normally for a fraction of the cost. Most services offer a gift box that you can send to a friend. We’re sure you will find one here someone on your list would love to receive it!

Wild-Caught Alaska Salmon & Seafood Holiday Feast

$319 for at least 9 lbs. (includes shipping)

Contains a specially curated selection of (7) sustainable, premium-quality, wild-caught Alaska and North Pacific seafood; (3) easy and delicious recipes (two appetizers and one entree) for convenient holiday feast preparations.

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Good Chop: Large Meat & Seafood Box Delivery Service

Recommended for a large freezer and big families (6+ people) with up to 72 portions or just $3.74 per meal. Store up to a year in the freezer and choose 12 items from the menu. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter for sales information!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Lasso Brag

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  1. Lotus Trolley Bags -set of 4 -w/LRG COOLER Bag & Egg/Wine holder! Reusable Grocery Cart Bags I would love to have these to use and stay organized while shopping

  2. The coffee gift box looks great its been cold here so were enjoy more coffee now in the morning and afternoon too.