3 Affordable & Aesthetic Measures Of Decorating A Larger Home

No matter what decision you make in life, there tend to be pros and cons of every outcome. For example, moving into a fantastic new and larger house is no doubt a wonderful upgrade in your life, and can lead to many years of happy memories in that home. Those are the pros, of course. The cons may be that now you have to clean for two hours more each week to keep the larger space in good condition, and perhaps your current belongings don’t fit the space as well, and you need to decorate more.

No matter, because this latter example is a good problem to have. But what if you don’t have an undue amount of money to spend, given you’ve only just moved into a brand new house that stretched your budget in the first place? Anyone who has moved house knows how expensive it can get, even if they have savings to work with.

In this post, then, let’s discuss three affordable and aesthetic measures of decorating a larger home. This way, the space can feel “lived in” and complete without breaking your bank account:

Consider Greeting Tables

A great side table or console table can serve as a functional space while also adding some character to a long side wall that may otherwise be unfurnished. Not only can this serve as a fantastic utility for your corridor but other living spaces as well, such as the entrance to a larger kitchen space. With console table decor designed to help the table look in keeping with the function of the room, you can also make the best out of functionality and aesthetics in equal balance.

Playful Lighting With Confident Ambience

There’s an old parable that shows just how powerful light can be if used in a room correctly. Playful lighting with a confident ambiance can be a great way to fill a room without spending too much on decorations, or filling the space with random items unless you really want them there. For example, a vintage lamp can help the space look fantastic if oriented correctly, while scattered lighting or overhead lighting fixtures can also add character and diffused presence. This way, you can play with tone, fill, and color, to see what exactly your room is best curated for. You may be surprised at the results, and as ever, light can be a cheaper method of experimentation than bringing in various furnishings from the jump.

Functional Storage

Extra room space is a fantastic justification for further storage, but storage that both looks good and is easy to access, while also contributing to the room at large. For example, a large shoe cabinet or rack for pairs of shoes as you come into the household can help tidy up the odd soles that you might find elsewhere, and centralize them in an easy-to-remember location. The same goes for a comforting coat rack, or perhaps even hanging storage baskets that you may alter over time. Either way, storage is cheap to implement, can look good if it fits with the home, and certainly allows for enhanced tidiness.

With this advice, you’re certain to implement affordable and aesthetic measures for decorating a larger home.

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