3 Big Family Decisions You’ll Have To Make At Some Point

Life is full of big decisions, and most of them relate to your family. Circumstances can vary, but most people will make similar decisions in their lives. To be more precise, we all have certain decisions that need to be made. We might not see the same outcomes, but we all reach the crossroads at one point! 

It’s easier to make a decision when you know what to expect. So, here are the biggest family decisions everyone has to make at some stage:

have a baby

Should you have a baby?

This is pretty much the first family decision you make. Should you expand your family from two to three? I don’t think it’s hyperbole to state this is the biggest and most significant decision of your life. The answer to this question can change the course of your life forever! Think long and hard about the financial responsibility of having a baby – you may decide it’s not the right time, and you’ll revisit this question in a few years. 

Also, this decision can crop up again later in life, but it’s when you’re deciding whether to add more kids to the family!

Is it time to move house?

You rarely see families that stay in the same house forever. At some point, you either outgrow your first home, or you need to move for work opportunities. Whatever the case, this is another big decision. How do you know what the ‘right’ time is? Usually, it’s when either of the previous two suggestions comes about. If your house is too small to cater to your growing family, you should move – or consider an extension. If you have better job opportunities in a different city or country, moving house also makes more sense. 

Of course, moving house can also have a long-term effect on your children’s development. For instance, one of the main reasons that people move is in order to become closer to the best schooling options for their children. This can also work well for private schools, especially those with a 5 day boarding school option. This way, you can give your child the best of both worlds.

Should You Consider Building Your Own Home?

Building your own home is a dream for most people. It is the culmination of a life’s work and often a source of pride and joy. You might decide to build yourself because you want more space than what you have got, or simply because you can afford to do it now. There are many reasons why one might choose to build their own home instead of trying to find someone who will build it for them or buy an existing property that has been built by someone else. You can also choose the construction company when you start with a new construction home build. You can truly personalize the house with features that would otherwise cost a lot of money if added after construction. For example, adding extra bathroom or bedroom facilities would be costly if done as extras during construction.

what about your parents?

What will you do about your parents?

I’d say this is the hardest decision you make in life. Human beings age, it’s a natural process, and there’s no way to stop it. At some point, your parents will become old enough that they need extra help. Now, you have to decide the best course of action. Do you send them to a nursing home? Should they come and live with you? Do you hire a full-time carer to tend to their needs?

The decision is yours to make, but it needs to be thought through carefully. Around 1.6 million individuals are in care homes up and down the country. It’s a popular way to look after your parents as you put them in a safe place. Sadly, there are all sorts of stories about care home abuse, not to mention the lack of independence your parents will have. If possible, the best approach is to let them retain independence, but either look after them yourself or hire a carer. 

It’s fair to say these are the biggest family decisions in your life. You’ll have others – like choosing a family car – but these tend to have the largest impact. The only advice I can give is to take your time with each decision. Don’t rush into things as there’s a high chance you’ll make the wrong choice.

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