3 Essential Life-Saving Security Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

Personal and home security tech is getting progressively refined as amazing advancements devoted to robotizing the home, life, and properties are in a steady progression. And when it comes to the issue of security; most people believe that these equipment choices are expensive and beyond budget. Here are three cost-effective innovative gadgets that will secure you and your loved ones.

1) Body Armor

I know you might be thinking, why would I ever need body armor? Or you might be saying to yourself why would a guy like me need a bulletproof vest? Yes, of course, body armor is security equipment for police, security guards, and the military. Who knows if the community starts to crumble or fall apart as it has done in other parts of the world? Can you imagine if you were to suddenly walk into a violent protest or mass shooting? If you had body armor, you’d be safe – lucky you.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you might need body armor:

  • House intrusion/robbery
  • Dangerous Neighbors
  • Taking Money to the Bank
  • Working Late at a Business

Considering these reasons, a few hundred bucks appear to be a small cost to pay for a better chance of surviving any of the bad incidents listed above.

Catering for individuals and citizens, the government certifies the use of body armor to the general public. There are various laws in effect in all states that apply to the general public and the use of body armor. The most cost-effective and trustworthy way to protect yourself is to buy bulletproof vest – for every member of your family that may need one.

2) EMP Protection

I’m sure you all know the upside effects of electromagnetic pulses, power surges. Have you imagined what life would be like, however, if there is an EMP strike? How it would threaten and endanger so many lives to be without electricity for any length of time?

During a project, Tim Carty, after investigating the military surge protectors on the market and finding them to be quite expensive – and only good for one HEMP before burning out – saw the need to create solar EMP protection. He was able to design a shield that could take multiple strikes without failing and protect people’s homes, planes, cars, and other electronic devices.

EMP Shield LLC has designed the world’s first Electromagnetic Magnetic Pulse defense technology that defends houses, businesses, and properties. This shield is dedicated to protecting us from threats that could cripple our infrastructure and create a significant impact on our way of life.

Check out the website – https://www.empshield.com/emp-technology/ – to learn more about the products they have created.

3) Orthera (Foot Armor)

What if we told you there is an advanced biomechanically engineered device intended to support and align your lower body and address the source of discomfort you may be experiencing?

Orthera products were created for everyday people and professional athletes to be able to live each day without thinking about their feet, knees, and backs.

Inspired by the needs of professional athletes, Olympians, and members of the U.S. military, Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to treat the cause of your foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back issues for a wide range of users in different sizes and designs.

Taking the security of ourselves, our family, and our homes is something we all need to be mindful of and find the ways that work best for us individually to keep ourselves safe.

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