3 Essentials You Need to Keep Your Dog Happy at Home

Many people decide to welcome a dog into their family in the first place because it makes them feel safe as they will bark if an intruder tried to get in. In fact, in most cases just having a dog is enough to make someone think twice about entering uninvited. However, as responsible dog owners we also need to ensure that while they keep us safe, our home is a safe and happy one for our dog too. Something you can find out more about in the post below.


The garden is an essential area for any household dog. In particular, it is used for toileting, as well as smaller amounts of exercise, as dogs always appreciate the exchange to run around and catch a few balls, even if it only for a few minutes.

A garden area for your dog

However, there are many risks present in the average garden that can cause your pup harm. These include things such as pesticides and weed killers used to control weed growth, keep the garden neat and tidy, and stop unwanted pests eating your flower or crops.

Unfortunately, pesticides can be harmful to household pets like dogs, especially if they can access them in their non-diluted form such as the capsules or pellets that you buy them in. With this in mind, it is vital that you store any pesticides away from your pets reach in a shed or lockbox. In addition, it can be useful to check the labels for the recommendation on how long you need to leave the area after you have treated it. Otherwise, pets can still become contaminated and sick from exposure.

Another common problem with letting your dog out into the garden is the risk that they will escape. This is quite a common issue and can result in dogs getting out and being disruptive in other people’s gardens, or getting lost completely. Something that can be very upsetting for a family whose dog is an essential member of the family. You can find more advice on how to deal with at Many Tears Animal Rescue.

With this in mind checking the boundaries of your gardens for holes in the fences that your pup can escape through is essential. Remember too that dogs are quite capable of digging their way of out underneath flower beds, and therefore will need supervising if your garden poses this sort of risk.

There is always the option of using a wireless dog fence like the ones reviewed at https://dogable.net to keep them in the right zone. This works by sending a small shock to your dog once they pass the boundary line. Something that allows them to learn quickly and safely where they are allowed to go and where is forbidden, an action that can help keep them safe in the long run as it stops them from escaping and getting lost.

Slugs can carry lungworm that is fatal to dogs.
Slugs can carry lungworm that is fatal to dogs.

Last, of all, a huge concern for any dog owners that allow their pets to roam the garden is lungworm. Lungworms are parasites that collect in arteries near to the dog’s lung and heart, and they can be caught by your pup eating the frogs or slugs on which they live. Lungworm can be a fatal condition, and while treatment is possible once an infection has occurred it’s usually costly, and not always that effective. That is why it’s vital that you prevent against lungworm by using regular medicine like the ones discussed at The Telegraph’s Lifestyle Pets section before they contract it if your dog spends any time in the garden or outside.

Internal Gates

Next, to keep Fido happy inside the home it is important to consider the locations you are happy to grant him access to. This often differs between homes and families, as some are pleased to allow their dogs access to all rooms, and both the upstairs and downstairs levels of their homes.

However, others like to delineate an area in which the dog will be. Then they can store items that could be problematic to their pup’s health such as small toys, beauty and cleaning products outside of this area for their safety.

One way of doing this is to use baby gates in doorways and on the stairs to prevent your canine from getting into areas that you don’t want them to. Although, it is worth noting that those dogs whose movement is restricted during the day will often need additional walk time to burn off any energy, and stay as fit and healthy as possible in the long term.

Food for your pup


Food is also an issue that relates to dogs inside the home. In fact, this can be a particular problem because many human foods that dogs find delicious can do them harm. Chocolate and coffee as suggested in this article are items that professionals strongly advise against giving to your dog as they can cause an awful reaction resulting in sickness, diarrhea, and even a heart attack!

With this in mind, to keep your dog as happy as possible in the home, food items such as these need to be stored up high where Fido cannot get to them. Also, if your dog has a penchant for these things don’t forget to remind members of your family and visitors to your home to not leave them around, or feed them from scraps that they are eating. Otherwise, you could end up having a very sick canine to deal with, all over something as minor as a square of chocolate!

Rest area

a comfortable rest area

Lastly, for any pup to feel happy in a home environment, you must provide them with an area in which they can comfortably rest. Unfortunately, what many dog owners forget is that their pup has an incredibly sensitive hearing and an acute sense of smell. So, therefore, it is useful to set aside a quiet space removed from the bustle and hustle of daily life in which they can completely relax and even get a bit of a break from the family if they need to.

After all, while dogs love to play with kids and are usually gentle and affectionate, even they need the occasional rest when they can sleep uninterrupted and regain their strength for the next family adventure.

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