3 Signs Your Home Security May Not Be Up To Scratch

There’s a sanctity to the home. It’s more than just a roof over our head, it’s a place of sanctuary where we can retreat from the world and all its problems. It’s a place in which we can set aside the veneer we present to the rest of the world and be completely vulnerable. Whenever we invite someone to our home this is an act that places implicit trust in our guests, even as they relax and enjoy themselves.

This is why, when our homes are invaded by burglars and thieves it can feel like such a gross violation. Aside from the monetary value of the belongings that are stolen, victims of burglary know the psychological aftermath which can lead to the sanctity of the home feeling compromised. Our house no longer feels quite so much like a home, and it can take a long time for this feeling of violation and corruption to subside. If your home security is not up to scratch, you need to improve upon it. Companies such as Fast Keys can do just that.

This is why many of us consider a robust security system an excellent investment, but while any security provision is a step in the right direction, your home security should be adapted to suit the changing threats.

Every day criminals become more sophisticated and inventive in their approach, so your late ‘90s security system may not be adequate to counter the security threats of the 2010s. Here are some telling signs that your home’s security provision may not be fit for purpose…

You’re only prepared for one kind of scenario

Burglars aren’t the only threat out there. For true peace of mind, your home should be equipped to preempt any kind of threat, including an unexpected fire. Most homes are equipped with smoke alarms, and while this is a good first step, a more robust solution should also include a central station monitored system like those found at APSMontana.com. This will mitigate the risk of catastrophic damage to your property.

You can only monitor it from home

In the smart age, everything from your car’s heating to your oven can be monitored from your smartphone. A burglar alarm may be enough to deter some thieves but there’s little you can do if you’re not nearby to hear it. Burglary is most often a crime of opportunity and burglars will often be emboldened by the sight of an empty home.



In today’s interconnected age, however, there’s no need to be defenseless, no matter where you are. Many modern systems have companion apps to give you peace of mind from anywhere else in the world with the ability to view live camera feeds and receive a discrete notification when your alarm is triggered.

You have low-resolution cameras

If you have been burgled, you have a limited window within which to identify the perpetrators to pursue justice and get your property back. Unfortunately, if your security cameras only record a fuzzy, low resolution image, you stand much less chance of identifying the burglar and getting your stuff back. Fortunately, higher resolution cameras are more affordable than ever, making upgrading easy.


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