3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Good Year Round

In the summer months, the back garden becomes a social haven, with BBQ’s, garden parties and outdoor play! But as summer comes to an end, we’re all faced with the dilemma of how we maintain our gardens in the cooler months. If you want your garden to be an extension of your home, you’ll need to keep it trim year-round, so I’ve put together three simple tips to help you maintain your garden in all seasons.

Tip 1 – Less Is More

Just like inside the house, less is more in the garden too. Clearing out any clutter from your garden, such as wilting plants, broken toys and unused furniture will keep the space looking neat and tidy. A minimalistic approach to gardening is the best way to keep it maintainable year-round, whilst achieving a classic look.

Tip 2 – A Green Thumb

Maintaining plants all year round is not an easy job! With different plants flourishing at different times of year, keeping your garden fresh can be a challenge. Try choosing plants that flourish each season, or evergreen plants. For example, Hibiscus can survive in temperatures between zero and thirty-two degrees Celsius, making them the perfect option for year-round blossom. Hibiscus are a great low-maintenance with the upkeep being limited to daily watering in the summer months. Hibiscus plants are available in a huge variety of colors, and can give your garden a lasting pop of color!

Tip 3 – Homely Furnishings

Adding homely furnishings can will help ensure that your garden space is used for purpose. An outdoor dining table is great for BBQ’s, whereas a cosy lounge area surrounding a fire pit can be a great winter warmer. Choosing durable outdoor furniture, like White Stores’ 4 season outdoor garden furniture, is a great option to make the most of the garden, all year round. Not only does this furniture offer comfort and high quality, it will give your garden a stylish, contemporary edge.

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