3 Surefire Methods of Helping a Friend Move House

When it comes to moving advice, any insights given are often direct and personal, for obvious reasons. But what if this isn’t your situation at all? What if it’s a friend or relative moving house and needing your help? Perhaps they’re part of the sandwich generation, moving but with both generations of family on either side to plan for.

Maybe they have mobility issues or other difficulties to meet, or perhaps you’re just good-hearted enough to help without any individual requirements. Either way, learning how and when to help someone plan their move can be a confusing process, after all, it’s not as if you can make direct administrative decisions for them without consent.

That said, much like planning a wedding, you can still make a fantastic contribution that will be remembered. So, what might that contribution even look like? In this post, we’ll help you get started:

Creating A Moving Plan &Timeline

Ultimately, no moving plan can proceed without a timeline. So, if your friend is flapping around a little and stressed, ask them if you could both work on a moving timeline and plan together. This way, you can assign the tasks to be done, who is to do them, the requirements of each, and when to finish by. Perhaps you’ll work with them to find a moving company that can assist them with their needs, or put in dates for when you think self-storage will be needed for more valuable items, to be collected by your friend later. You might even tell them when you’re free for further help, like how long you can keep their furniture in your garage for as they organize, or the day you can help them drive to the new place.

Providing Packing Supplies & Tools

If you happen to have any older packaging supplies and tools to hand, it can’t hurt to offer them to your friend. That might include boxes, packaging foam, a labeling machine, or even a storage trailer you can use to bring some of their items from point A to point B. It may even be that you have spare vacuum seal bags for clothes that your friend can return to you, helping them keep their valuables safe life suits and wedding dresses.

Refreshments & Comforts

An odd thing happens when you pack up all of your belongings and place them in a mover’s truck – all of a sudden, you can’t use the home comforts you rely on daily. As a friend of the person moving, you might help them relax with the home comforts they need on their last day, be that borrowing a few pots and pans for an evening or even cooking for them, ready for them to head off the next day (they can purchase breakfast quite easily on the road, of course). That kind of comfort can provide a sense of relaxation while everything else is in flux, and you’ll get to say goodbye to your friend in the warmest possible terms.

With this advice, you’re certain to help a friend move house in the best possible way.

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