3 Tips for Homeschooling During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on lives all over the world. The educational system was no exception, as schools had to close down, and online teaching and learning became more popular. Although home-schooling is the new normal for many students, teachers are trying to maintain the same quality of education over the internet. Additionally, parents have the extra burden of juggling work and creating a conducive environment for their kids while they catch up with their school lessons. The tips below will help make homeschooling more fun and easier.

1. Create a homeschooling schedule

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Schools plan for each semester or term, month, week, and even day to give a clear picture of what they need to do. This schedule ensures smooth teaching and learning. Similarly, you’ll need to draw a timetable for your kids to get the best out of homeschooling. Your plan should contain when classes are to start, the subjects to be taught, break time or playtime, reading time, and so much more. When creating a homeschooling schedule, make sure it’s flexible enough to also meet your needs as parents.

2. Find a suitable homeschooling space

A conducive space will facilitate smooth teaching and learning because it minimizes distractions to your kids during lessons. You can use the kitchen table, living room, turn your basements into a classroom, or even use the garage if it’s suitable. As long as you can transform the space in your house into a classroom, go ahead and do so. It would help your kids ease into their studies because it reminds them a lot of their school. 

Additionally, you’ll need a few teaching and learning materials such as laptops, fast internet connections, books, glue, pencils, paint and brushes, coloring pencils, and wall maps. It can be challenging to reenact some classroom activities like coloring time and science quizzes online for younger groups. However, online resources like ABCmouse provide great alternatives to make learning more fun and interactive for your kids.

3. Be patient

Children are usually more focused in a regular school environment than at home. Therefore, as a homeschooling parent or teacher, it’s best to keep in mind that your children may find it a bit difficult adapting to you as their teacher, especially if it’s their first homeschooling experience. 

This is the best time to get to know the learning styles of each of your children and be flexible enough to give more time to the ones that learn at a slower pace. Beginners at homeschooling will try doing a lot once, so try as much as possible to give you and your kids some room as you work together as a team to make the best out of this period.

3 tips for homeschooling during a pandemic

Homeschooling can take an average of 3 to 4 hours a day, depending on your child’s age and school policies. Younger kids study for shorter periods because of their attention span. Indeed, many parents and teachers have attested that remote learning and ensuring that kids remain focused is challenging, but it’s all about finding the right balance. Hopefully, these tips will help get you started. 

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