3 Tips on Growing Longer Eyelashes

Have you ever looked at another woman and just flat out envied her gorgeous, long eyelashes? I know I have! Being a natural blonde with a fair complexion, my eyelashes have always been one of the features I wish I could change. Extremely light colored and extremely thin, I sometimes feel as though I need to put on layer after layer of mascara to make it even appear as though I do have eyelashes.


Learning about Growing Eyelashes

You may not think of your eyelashes very often, perhaps ever, until you notice that there may be a problem with your own. You look at yourself in the mirror one day and notice that something doesn’t look quite right. It may look like some of your eyelashes are shorter than others, lashes seem to be missing and or your eyelashes just don’t look healthy. This can be distressing, and you most likely will immediately start thinking about all of your options to get fake eyelashes or even eyelash extensions for that Kim Kardashian look. Before you move ahead and spend a small fortune on getting extensions or permanent fake lashes, you should consider other steps you can take to help yourself get your own healthy eyelashes back.

Causes of Issues with Lashes

There can be a number of reasons why your eyelashes stopped growing, do not grow properly or tend to fall out before they should. For some people it is simply a result of aging, but there can be other mitigating factors that can contribute to the problem. Eyelash growth and condition can be influenced by the diet you maintain, how much water you drink, the type of medication you may be taking, a hormone imbalance or other medical issues. The type of make-up you use can also have an effect and the way you clean your face and remove your make-up can influence it as well. All of these factors can lead to things like clogged hair follicles, hair that does not grow properly and lashes that are brittle. You can take steps to correct these problems and learn how to grow eyelashes naturally through the use of products like those found at Top Eyelash Serums.

Using Enhancement Products

You can make changes to your diet, eliminating things like saturated fats, and drink more water to stay hydrated if you want to try to help change these patterns with your eyelashes. You may also want to consider the use of some natural eyelash enhancement products that can help you in growing lashes naturally. These serums sold today make use of various vitamins and minerals as their main components to help provide your lashes with the proper nutrients they need to make the hair follicles stronger and give them the ability to grow thicker and fuller. With regular use your lashes will regularly grow again and provide you with a much better look than you had been achieving on your own.

In order to really find the best products that have shown to be the most effective for people you are going to want to do some research on natural supplements and conditioners available for your eyelashes. You can read about the individual products and check out reviews written regarding the use of these products so you can see which has the best track record for positive and safe results. You will then be able to make the most informed choice for yourself to get the help to grow your eyelashes.

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  1. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Awesome Tips for Growing Out Longer Lashes, I Really Do Appreciate it! I Don’t Have Very Long Lashes and I Could Use All the Help I Can Get! I Have Hypothyroidism and it Causes a Ton of Awful Side Effects Like Weight Gain, Dry Skin, & Hair Loss and That Includes My Lashes & Eyebrows! They are So Much More Sparse & Fine Now and I Hate! I Really Appreciate You Sharing These Tips, Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

    • Can’t believe I missed your comment Jana! You are most welcome for the tips! There are some really great serums out there – some work faster/better than others – it all depends on how your own body reacts to the serums so you might need to try a few till you find the one that works best for you!

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