3 Tips On Looking After Your Ageing Parents

3 Tips on Looking After Your Ageing Parents

A lot of you will be of the age where your parents are becoming more dependent on your for various things. They will need help getting their weekly shop, going to doctors appointments or just need some company. If that is the case, then you should do your best to look after your parents as they spent years of their lives raising you. Here are some ways that you can help your ageing parents.

Computer Skills

Computers are a massive part of our lives. Whether that is a regular PC, a tablet or even a smartphone, they are an embedded part of our culture. That means that even your parents should learn how to use them and enjoy their benefits. It will mean that they can browse the internet, watch TV on demand easily and even video chats with friends and family.

You don’t need to sit them down at a computer and explain how Microsoft Word works, but you do need to teach them some computer literacy. Mostly, you’ll want to stick to how tablets and smartphones work as (due to their touchscreen) they are the easiest to use. Taking the time to explain how to make phone calls, use the internet and download apps will mean that they can use their smartphone in the way that they want. It means that you’ll be able to get in touch with them easier, too.


One of the hardest things for old people is getting around. They can’t always walk for long periods of time or maybe can’t drive anymore. There are free bus passes in plenty of places, but buses are notoriously unreliable and time-consuming. However, if your parent doesn’t have a free bus pass, then you should get them one as it can help them to be more independent.

If they are struggling to walk long distances or have been advised by the doctor not to do a lot of moving, then you might consider getting them an electronic wheelchair. This will again help their independence and mean that they can enjoy going outside to the park or shops again. You can buy them outright, or the other option is to rent from places like Florida Mobility Rentals. Either option will help your parents to get around and enjoy their retirement years.


You lead a busy life and can’t spend every waking minute of it with your parents keeping them company. You need to find them something fun to do that doesn’t involve you. They need to be able to go to places with friends (or make friends).

This will help to get them out of the house, be more active and have more enjoyment in life. They will thank you for pushing them to participate in groups or activities (eventually), so look up what is happening in your local area. Visiting your local community center is a great place to start looking. They may find gardening club activities with plenty of gardening tools they can share and are easy to handle,  like a Husqvarna 125b leaf blower. There are also, fishing tours, bus tours, cooking clubs, watching movies, and plenty of other activities that they will enjoy. There are often a lot of retirement clubs or events happening too. 

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