3 Traditional Marketing Techniques for Cannabis Businesses

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The legal cannabis industry has grown tremendously in the last few years and it’s currently one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. As the grass gets greener in this industry, more and more investors are looking to capitalize on the potential growth. However, navigating the current landscape of this industry can seem like a daunting task. How do you find customers and get their attention? How do you survive the growing competition?

Traditional marketing techniques can help you grow your business. This is because they have a greater exposure especially to customers who don’t have immediate access to internet services. Secondly, traditional marketing techniques can reach a larger audience across different demographics.

As an entrepreneur looking to venture into the green rush business, here are 3 traditional marketing techniques for cannabis business you should know about.

Trade Shows

Consider utilizing trade shows and expos to promote your cannabis business. Trade shows generally target people interested in a particular industry thus would be a great way to create brand awareness and interact face to face with new customers. Ensure that you create a good impression.

Give your potential customers the right information about your products. You can also conduct market testing during the trade show and get a general feeling of what the public thinks about your product. Remember to create a customer database from the contacts your visitors leave at your display booth and use them to promote new products to them in the future.

Radio Advertisements

Radio is one of the best mediums for promoting your new cannabis business to your customers. This is because radio provides an intimate form of advertising. Radio is also cost-effective compared to TV commercials or print advertising.

Take your time and create an effective radio campaign. Understand your audience and focus on creating a message that they can relate to. Talk to the famous radio personalities in your area. They can give on-air endorsements and on-air testimonials which will go a long way in increasing the customer’s trust in your brand.

You will need to be consistent and frequent in order to get the right results. Remember, radio marketing is not a one size fits all. If the costs go beyond your budget you can investigate other mediums such as internet radio and podcasts that have a flexible payment structure. 

Non-Mainstream Productions

Sometimes mainstream productions such as national newspapers can put restrictions on the publication of cannabis advertisements. Therefore, you should consider marketing your business in alternative publications.

Non-mainstream publications can allow publication of new knowledge which is often underrepresented in mainstream publications. For example, you can promote your business in a cannabis magazine in your area. Remember, your competitors also run their adverts in the same magazines, therefore, ensure that your advertising design is unique so that yours can stand out from the competition.

One great thing about magazines is that they have a longer shelf life thus; they are more effective and will not become stale even after sitting in dispensaries and business waiting rooms for months.

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