3 Ways the Humble Garage Can Improve Your Life

The garage may not be the most exciting room in the house. It doesn’t have a big bath ready for candles and bubbles, it doesn’t feed the family and it isn’t usually the best place to find a comfortable seat. However, the humble garage does have a lot to offer.

Even the most simple metal garages can be spruced up and designed to create the most imaginative spaces. In fact, because these garages are often separate from the main house, you can be much more flexible about their use.

So, here are 3 ways you might like to use yours.

Create Extra Storage Space

If you have downsized to your new home, you are overwhelmed with “stuff” or you have recently inherited from a relative, finding storage space can be a real nightmare. We are all constantly having to sort through stuff to figure out what we need, what we should chuck and what we just can’t deal with right now.

Though a garage isn’t an ideal long-term storage solution, it can help you to figure out what should be in your house and what shouldn’t. Using this space as a kind of spill-out zone is a useful short term option that doesn’t come with all the faff of putting things in a loft or take up space you actually want to use. This is especially handy if you are renovating your home and want to make sure that your furniture doesn’t get in the way.

Of course, at some point, you will have to declutter your garage but in the meantime, put things that need to be kept safe and secure in this space and see what you actually miss having in your house.

Create a Home Study

More and more people are starting businesses from their homes but this does come at a price. Introducing yourself to a new client while picking a path between toys isn’t the most professional of welcomes!

The garage is actually a really easy space to convert and you can add insulation and windows as you see fit. You can also bring power to this new room so that you can safely use and charge electricals. Though the big garage door might feel off-putting, actually, leaving it is a great way to bring the outside in during the summer months. Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it!

Having a separate entrance to your workspace isn’t just good for your clients, you will also find that you can concentrate a little better and having this zone will discourage your kids from coming to disturb you too. Getting up and dressed for work might be different but somehow crossing the yard makes ‘going to work’ feel more tangible.  

Create a Fun Hobby Room

So we have 2 practical solutions but what else could you use it for? Well, everyone has a quirky side and this could be the perfect space to express yours. A garage space can be used for anything from doing up old cars to creating the ultimate playroom for the kids.

Creating a hobby room is all about a few basic elements: organizing your space, maximizing your space and adding your personality. Start by making sure you have the utilities you need including power and water. Then, think about what actually needs to in the room. Garages may be great for housing clutter but this is a hobby room now!

Arranging your hobby room depends entirely on what your hobby is. If you are creating a cinema room, think about where the best place for your screen and seating would be. You should also think about storage solutions. For example, if you are housing a lot of DVDs, you should make them easy to look through so you can find your favorites.

One of the great things about turning your garage into a hobby room is that you can make a mess in here without taking it through the rest of your house. Let the kids loose in here with all their favorite mess-making activities from painting to making slime but remember that you can use this space too!

There are endless uses for garage spaces but choosing the use that will change your life for the better is key. The novelty of having an extra room is perfect for indulging your whims but equally, this space can help you restore your home to the sanctuary you deserve. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t just throw things into your garage and forget about them!

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