3 Ways to Travel Cheaply

Travel is an expensive activity, but there are ways that you can make it cheaper for yourself and your family. Whether you need to figure out how to get to your workplace every day or you fancy taking a road trip, here are a few ways that you can reduce your costs and enjoy the freedom of travel.

Set up Car Pools

Driving is expensive but it is also one of the most efficient ways to get from A to B. if you have young children who need to get to school and a limited time frame in the morning, the car really is the best solution.

One option you have is to set up a carpool with another family. This is a great option for two reasons: first it will be cheaper for both families and second, on the mornings that you aren’t driving, you will have more time to beat the traffic to your own job. You could choose to alternate taking all the kids to school, or you could offer to contribute to fuel costs in return. Either way, it is worth considering.

But why stop there? If carpools work for kids, why not for colleagues? If you live close to a colleague from work, it makes sense that you would share a ride there every day. This would work in exactly the same way as the kids, either alternating or making a contribution to fuel. Simple and cheap.

Use Apps for the Best Deals

Apps have come to solve almost every problem and cheap travel is next on the list. There are all sorts of different companies offering car shares that can pick you up wherever you are. You only need to look at https://www.rydely.com/ to see just how many advantages there are here.

Not only can you get rides, you can also use an app to offer rides so that when you are driving you could pick other people up. This is mutually beneficial because they get to where they need to be and you get a little bit of extra cash doing what you would have done anyway.

Walk When You Can

The last point about cheap travel is, perhaps, the most obvious: walk whenever you can. Walking is completely free, better for the environment and good for your general health. It keeps you calm, reduces the risk of heart disease and will even help you to shed a few pounds to attain a healthy weight.

Traveling cheaply is often about mindset. We tend to like to do things in our own way at the drop of a hat, but if you can afford to be a little more flexible with your time and share commodities, you will find that your finances are a lot healthier.

These methods of travel are often more social too, giving your children a chance to spend more time with their peers and you and opportunity to get to know colleagues better. It might not be perfect, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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