4 Best Options for Airport Transport Services

Best Methods for Airport Transport

Wherever you’re flying, for whichever reason, it’s really important to plan your trip carefully. Buying the plane tickets is the major part of it, yet it’s far from over after that.

Another very important item on your travel list is the transport to the airport. More often than not, it requires some serious logistics, depending on the distance between your starting point and the airport. In an ideal situation, a family member or a friend should be able to drop you at the airport.

What to do if this is not the case, and how do you find the airport transport that’s reliable enough and matches all your requirements? Here are a few options to consider.

Do It Yourself

If you’re an active driver, have an available car but there’s no one to take you to the airport, do it yourself. This may require obtaining a parking spot at the airport which can be costly, but you can also ask someone to pick the car up for you at the earliest convenience and thus reduce that cost as much as possible.

On the other hand, you can leave the car at the airport the whole time of your absence, so you don’t have to think about the transport once you come back. It may cost some extra money, but it can also be really convenient.

The risk of having your car broken into or stolen at the airport is also typically higher than in other parts of the city, so most people refrain from doing this.

Rent a Car or Hire a Driver

Rent a car with driver

This option is especially good if you need to go to another city to catch your flight. If you don’t care about comfort or image, you can book a seat in a van that takes people to the airport. They are usually quite reliable, fast and affordable.

If a van is too crowded for you, you can opt for a regular car which takes a few passengers. Sure, it may take a little longer, and you don’t know who you will be stuck with, but it is still more convenient than a transit van.

Finally, if comfort and speed are your top priorities, along with leaving a good impression, the best option for you is to hire a luxury car with driver only for yourself. If your business image and reputation are at stake, this option is definitely worth the money.

Plus it doesn’t necessarily have to be that expensive, especially in comparison to the level of service you get.

A lot of business people who want to leave a good impression on their business partners and the public often choose this option.

Take a Cab

This should be your last option, really, in case something went off in the last moment and you’re really in a hurry. In some places, cabs have set fees for the airport transfer, which is sort of fine, even though they are usually overblown. But in that case, at least you know what to expect and how much money to prepare.

On the other hand, regular city cabs can charge you an arm and a leg, enough money to buy another plane ticket. So you should really avoid this if possible and leave as the last option. If you are still considering that option, at least find a trustworthy taxi, that you have experience with or that is recommended by a friend, the one that has a fixed price, and ideally, which can be booked ahead.

Take the Public Transport

Regardless which airport we’re talking about, there has to be at least one way to reach public transportation. But usually, there are a few.

If you don’t mind leaving home a lot earlier, taking potential delays and traffic jams into account, then this is a fine option. For just a little bit (if any) of inconvenience, you can save quite some money.

So if you’ve done everything on time, don’t mind setting off a bit earlier and having a bit longer ride, this is the best option for you. It is normally a bit more expensive than the standard public transport ticket, yet it’s still significantly cheaper than taking a regular taxi or organized transportation.

Getting to the airport tends to be a hassle and it often takes a lot of time, sometimes even more than the flight itself. The way you choose to get to the airport basically really depends on your priorities and possibilities. Whichever your choice might be, make sure you make a timely decision so you have enough time to organize everything.

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