4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

Pests are one of the problems you might have to deal with in your home at one point or another. Especially in the kitchen, these little organisms may have the same love that you have for that area. Simple things like leftover food or even the smell can attract them, and since they might carry harmful organisms, getting rid of them is necessary. The tips discussed below are a mix of home remedies and other safe ways to keep pests away.

Always Clean Up 

As mentioned, these uninvited guests are drawn to the pieces of good that you may leave after making your food. This means that cleaning up immediately after yourself is one sure way to make sure there’s nothing they want in your kitchen. Wipe down all your surfaces and store leftovers in containers like can’t or jars that are difficult to chew through. Also, empty the trash bin frequently or seal them as much as possible to prevent pests from getting in. You can keep it away from the kitchen area altogether. Sunlight is a natural herbicide, so make sure your kitchen is well lit and aerated to discourage mold growth, which may attract insects.

Use Repellent 

Another method to keep insects away is to repel them. You can use home-made options like vinegar solution or coffee grounds around entry areas for ants to stop them from coming in. Lemon sprays are also great for keeping spiders away, and you can make that at home by mixing some soapy water with lemon or orange essential oils. Dry bay leaves also do well in keeping wood pests out due to the smell. 

Use Traps

In places like the pantry where all your food is kept, you’re bound to have a few pests in there. Traps are an old school way to control them but are still useful. Use pheromone pantry moth traps, for example, to attract and catch any pantry moths that may enter that area. These are non-toxic and so can be set up wherever you keep your grains, flour, pet foods, cereals, or any other dry foods. You can also set up mouse traps to get rid of those sneaky little ones. 

Seal in the Cracks

Most of the time, the pests get access to the kitchen through cracks. So devote some time to inspecting the area for any possible entries. Don’t take even the tiniest holes for granted because that’s all some need to get in. When you find the spaces, seal them with glue or caulk or get experts to take a look. Don’t let it be a one-time thing, though. Conduct regular inspections so that you can be on top of the problem to keep your kitchen and home, in general, more comfortable to live in.

With all the harmful germs and organisms pests and insects may carry, you should prioritize getting rid of them asap. It’s even more worrying to think about the fact that they may come into contact with your food. These methods have been proven to work and are all cost-effective. You deserve to have a pest-free kitchen to make sumptuous meals for you and your family.

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