4 Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior

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While improving the outside of your house may not be as exciting as interior design, it’s still an important consideration, and a great way to add some extra wow factor to your home. When your home starts to look a little worn and tatty on the outside, it seems unloved and uncared for, and ultimately, can lead to problems, from rotting wood to leaks. Updating your home’s exterior is a great way to get the outside to match the loveliness that you have created on the inside, and will also create a feeling of pride whenever you pull up on the driveway or have guests over to visit.

Updating your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be complicated; it comes down to making sure that your house is well-maintained, tidy and welcoming. Here are some ways that you achieve this:

Start at the Top

A roof that looks in a bad state of repair not only makes a bad first impression of your home but also can lead to big trouble, causing leaks and mold. Make roof repair a top priority to ensure your home not only looks great from the outside, but is also not going to cause you any significant problems, and lots of expense in the future.

Knock Knock

Your front door is one of the most prominent features of your property so ensuring that it is well-cared for is so important. Your front door is usually the first thing that guests see when arriving at your home. If you have peeling paint and tarnished fittings, you may want to breathe some new life into your door with a lick of paint in your favorite color and polishing up your doorknob, knocker, and other accessories.

Add some Color

Are your fences and sheds looking a little weatherworn? If so, why not give them a makeover with some garden wood paint? Painting your sheds and fences will not only give them a whole new lease of life but should help to protect them too. You will find a wide choice of wood preservers, paints, stains and treatments on the market, all available in a vast array of colors, meaning that you can create a statement with your woodwork. Check the details for each one, as some only need one coat whereas others need more. You may want to choose options that provide a waterproof coating for your wood or protect against rot; this will help your wood to stay looking great for years to comes.

Get Gardening

When it comes to your front garden, maintenance is key. Keeping your lawns mown and tidy, and your pathways free from weeds will keep your outside space looking great, so it is well worth taking the time to stay on top of your gardening. Flowers and plants are an easy way to make a big impact on your home’s exterior. Pots and baskets are a great way to add splashes of color throughout your garden and are really easy to maintain too.

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  1. Great tips, Kim! A couple years ago I did some updates to my home’s exterior. They were a little bigger than I would have liked, but we had a home with vinyl siding, similar to the one pictured. We had company add some stone accents and it looks amazing! It’s a great way to add some style to your home if you do want to spend a little more.

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