4 Educational Rainy Day Activities For Kids

When the weather is terrible outside and you are stuck at home with the kids, you need to find something to entertain them. It’s easy enough to let them play video games or watch TV all day, but if you want to make better use of the time, you should use it as an opportunity to boost their education. There are plenty of great things you can do on a rainy day to help your child learn. These are some of the best educational activities for a rainy day. 


Reading is one of the best educational activities for a rainy day. Reading will not only entertain your child, but it will help to encourage their imagination and creativity while also helping them learn. Not only that, but reading out loud helps improve language skills in young children. Just make sure you read appropriate books for their age group. Sites like Age of Learning are ideal for a rainy day because they have a huge collection of books to choose from. Often, the hardest thing about encouraging a child to read is finding something that grabs their attention, so having a big library of digital books is great. 

Educational Apps 

There are now a wide variety of educational apps available that you can use to entertain a child and help them learn at the same time. Children enjoy using these kinds of apps because they are easy to understand and have colorful, interactive screens. There are also plenty of choices so it’s easy to find an app that your child will enjoy playing. This is a great way to get them learning without them even realizing it, and it can help to cement the things they are learning at school. If you are concerned about screen time, encouraging your child to use educational apps is the perfect solution. 

Board Games

Playing board games is an excellent way to entertain and educate a child at the same time. There are all sorts of great word games like Scrabble or Bananagrams that are ideal for helping children learn literacy skills. But even board games that are not directly educational are still good for developing critical thinking and creativity, so it doesn’t really matter what you play. Board games are a brilliant way to spend quality time together without screens too. 

Science Experiments 

Science experiments are another great way to spend your time with the kids on a rainy day. There are plenty of easy science activities you can do at home using cheap household items, so it doesn’t really matter how bad the weather is outside. You just need to grab an old medicine bottle, some baking soda, and some vinegar then you can carry out an experiment to make a volcano. It’s a simple thing, but kids love it because they get to see the results of their actions. 

Next time you are stuck inside on a rainy day, why not try some of these great educational activities instead of sitting in front of screens all day?

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