4 Essentials for Your Baby’s Nursery

When you are expecting your first child, it can be difficult to know what things are actually useful to get. There are so many baby products out there; which are the most helpful? I relied heavily on the advice of my mother and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law actually made all of my daughter’s crib bedding as well as the matching curtains and diaper stacker. It was the sweetest gesture ever.

If you don’t have your mother or mother-in-law to rely upon, do some research online to see what people found useful in the early months as well as talk to friends who have gone through having their first child. Regardless of the advice, if it is something you think you can’t live without when the baby arrives, then get one. Until then, just get some essentials and figure the rest out later.

One of the best rooms to deck out and get ready is the baby’s nursery. To start with, they will be in your room for a while. But after a few months, they will be ready to go to their own room. So having it already is the best thing to do. What do you need in a baby’s nursery, though? Buying essentials for your little one and keeping a budget can be difficult at times but many stores have buying guides to show you exactly what you are spending your money on and if it is worth it.

Here are some ideas to help.


Dream On Me Changing Table and Dresser

Handsomely crafted, the Dream On My Marcus Changing Table & Dresser is made of solid cherry wood. Its classic design features a mix of curved and straight lines that will fit seamlessly into any nursery

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06/14/2022 12:08 am GMT

Whether it is a specific piece of furniture to use or just a changing mat, it is vital to have somewhere to change the baby. Your baby will need to be changed quite a lot, and most of it will happen in the nursery. Changing mats are inexpensive, and it might be worth getting another one to have somewhere else in the house too. Then you can change your baby quickly and easily.


Newborns do tend to sleep a lot. But as they get a little older, the time they sleep will decrease. It is a good idea to get blackout blinds to create a dark environment for them. It will help them to nap during the day, being much more peace for all. It bothers them when they don’t sleep too! There are lots of different colors and styles that you can choose from these days too. They don’t have to be actual black blinds so that they can blend with the other colors in the nursery. Somewhere like blackoutblinds.ca would be a good place to start, to see the styles and colors available.



Having a quiet and comfy place to be with the baby is a big help. When you need to breastfeed it is nice to have somewhere separate to go. It also helps to get the baby to sleep; just sitting in the rocker and rocking your baby. It is a really peaceful time when this happens. At 3 am you will want somewhere like this, to get your baby to sleep more easily. You could have a look at some of the best rocking chairs to get here: parenting.com/pregnancy/planning/best-rocking-chairs.



Being able to monitor the room temperature in the nursery is so important. Babies need to the room to be warmer than we are used to. There are baby monitors that will do this, as well as room thermometers and mobile phone apps. Having a dimmer on the light is important too. When your baby wakes in the night, you will need to see to change them. But putting on the bright light will wake you both up properly. A dimmer will help to get your baby back to sleep.

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