4 Frugal Ways to Redecorate Your Home

If your home is looking a bit dull and tired, it is the perfect time to redecorate. However, redecorating doesn’t need to break the bank, as there are so many cost-effective ways to give your home a spruce of life. If you are stuck on how to decorate your home on a budget but still have that high-quality look, we have a few helpful tips and tricks that can help.

Do Your Own Painting

Painting the walls can seem like a huge task, and depending on how big your room is, it may take a while, but the amount of money you will save by doing it yourself is enormous. However, you’ll need to ensure you get the correct color for your walls. You can do this by first going to the store and picking up some testers to see which color looks best on the wall itself. 

painted walls

It is so easy to paint a room properly, and there are a few preparation steps to take that will help you. First of all, you’ll need to take as much furniture as you can out of the room so that it doesn’t get ruined by the paint and so that you have more room to move around while painting. Cover anything still in the room with a sheet, and cover the floor with a sheet too. Next, you’ll want to fix any damage on the wall, so if you spot a small hole in the wall for example, get some filler. The third step is washing your walls and letting them fully dry so that your paint doesn’t start to crack or chip. The final step of preparation is to tape up any decorative edges and any electrical outlets. 

Second-hand Furniture

Instead of buying new furniture which can sometimes be extremely expensive, why not go to some second-hand stores to see if there are any pieces of furniture that could work in your home? If there is a chair that you really like but it has a stain on it, for example, why not try upcycling it? Upcycling is an amazing way to bring a piece of furniture back to life. 

Another way of getting cheap furniture is to ask your friends and family whether they are having a clear out themselves and see if they have any furniture worth salvaging. For example, if they have a couch that you love the shape of, but you aren’t quite sure on the color, try getting a couch cover that is more in-keeping with your style, or try upcycling the whole thing. If you are set on buying furniture online, then get more for your money by using coupons and deals.

Wall Stencils

This is a great alternative to expensive wallpaper; wall stencils are such an easy way of creating some kind of wall feature or pattern in a room. If you find a shape online – say a leaf, for example – and print it out, you then cut the leaf out to create your very own stencil. You can then use regular wall paint or spray paint that is compatible with walls to achieve the final look. 

If you want the pattern to be perfectly spaced out across the whole wall, then you may need to get the measuring tape out. It could get quite confusing when thinking about the placement of the pattern, but the finished product will look amazing and will not cost a lot of money at all. If you aren’t so confident with cutting out your own stencils, there are lots of inexpensive wall decals that can achieve a similar look but without the cutting out. You will still have to do the measuring, but you will be ensuring that you are getting a high-quality pattern.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves give your home that extra edge. If you have a wall in your home that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, definitely think about adding some shelves. Reclaimed wooden floating shelves give that gorgeous rustic feel and are a great solution if you have some spare bits of wood lying around. Shelving is not that expensive at all if you are inventive with what you use, and it offers more storage solutions which are great for keeping that clutter at bay. 

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Don’t just use your shelves to store random things away – make them look visually interesting by adding plants, candles, reed diffusers, pretty books, etc. They can be such a great addition to a room and could be the missing piece your room was looking for. 

4 frugal ways to redecorate

Redecorating your home using these simple tips and tricks will allow you to get a high-quality fresh look to your living space. Redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to get creative with it.

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