4 Ideas for a Kid-Free Holiday Date Night to Strengthen Your Marriage

strengthen your marriage with a kid-free holiday date night

Date nights can strengthen a relationship through communication, romance, new experiences, stress reduction and commitment reinforcement, explains The Date Night Opportunity study by W. Bradford Wilcox and Jeffrey Dew. The study discovered that partners who set aside time for each other at least once a week were more likely to have a better relationship and less likely to divorce. Take advantage of the holiday season’s romantic and festive settings and activities to devote some kid-free time to each other.

Find Seasonal Opportunities in Your Area

Attend a holiday-themed play or show like “The Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol” at a local high school or professional theater. You might be able to find a holiday-themed food and wine tasting, a local Christmas festival or a tour of local light shows. Find these events on your town’s website, in the local newspaper, on websites like Local.com, through social media or with local event apps like Time to Enjoy or Gravy.

Add Excitement to the Same-Old Light Show

Turn a normal holiday lights display into a special date. See if you can find a horse-drawn carriage through a website like Gig Salad, or rent a convertible to see the big light display in your area in style. If you have the money, you could search online for local private transportation companies to take a limousine, a private plane or helicopter ride to see the sparkling lights from above. Use the Songza app on your phone to find pre-set holiday music playlists for background music.

Bond By Helping Others

The holiday season is the perfect time to give to others, and many non-profit organizations need extra help at this time. Turn this need into the perfect date by finding a volunteer opportunity you can do together. Consider something you’ll both enjoy, like spending time with the elderly, serving food at a soup kitchen or sharing your love with some animals at a shelter. While it might not seem like a romantic date, the experience will bring you together, remind you of all you have and help you appreciate each other more. You might even decide to turn a one-time volunteer opportunity into an ongoing activity. Find an opportunity with a local charity through volunteermatch.org.

Create a Surprise At-Home Date

If you can’t find a babysitter or you would simply prefer to stay in, surprise your partner with an impromptu date after the kids go to bed. You can make your everyday space special and different with some preparations. Consider stringing lights around a patio area, in the basement or in a little-used room. When you flip the lights on, your space will instantly be transformed into a romantic holiday space. Once you have the ambiance, create a date with a homemade or delivered meal, some nice wine and a Christmas flower display. You could also enjoy holiday activities like decorating the tree together or putting together a gingerbread house kit. Play Christmas music or a classic holiday movie in the background.

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