4 Reasons You Should Give Up Alcohol For A Month

Now and then people will try and change something big in their life. They’ll attempt to quit or give up a bad habit, in the hope that it improves their life in some way. For many, the choice to give up alcohol is fairly appealing. It’s not a particularly hard thing to give up, and you will see so many amazing benefits. In fact, this article will show you some of the health and lifestyle benefits you’ll see, just by giving it up for a month!

4 Reasons You Should Give Up Alcohol for a Month - Life in a House

Improve Your Mental State

Drinking alcohol every week may seem like a fun way to let loose after a long week of work. However, it doesn’t do great things for your mental state. Alcohol is ultimately a drug, and it can become addictive and play with your mind. Most people find that when they quit drinking, their thoughts become a lot clearer and their mental state is better too. If you want a happy mind, then you should take a break from alcohol for a bit.

Save Money

Not drinking alcohol means you don’t have to buy expensive alcoholic drinks when you go out with friends. Alright, you can argue that they’ll be replaced by equally expensive non-alcoholic drinks, but you could always have water for free! Some of the biggest savings come from the fact you can now drive wherever you go out. You don’t need to be an automobile accident lawyer to know that driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense. So, what do you do? You pay for taxis to take you home, which adds up to some pretty hefty costs! By quitting for at least a month, you will save so much money on taxi fares and drinks when you’re out.

lose weight by cutting alcohol out of your diet

Lose Weight

It’s no secret that alcohol causes people to put on a fair bit of weight. This is because most alcoholic beverages are highly calorific. By having a few drinks on the weekend, you can increase your calorie intake quite dramatically. This leads to you gaining weight, or at least struggling to lose it. When you cut these extra calories out of your diet, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to burn fat and lose weight.

Get Better Skin

Alcohol does a load of bad things to your body, and your skin can often feel the full force of it. People that drink a lot tend to get acne or have dry skin and other problems. If you give up drinking for a month, you will see fast improvements in your skin. It will spring back to life, and you might stop wearing makeup as well!

The bottom line is; giving up alcohol for a month can be a smart choice. At the very least, doing this will show you that you should cut down on it, and it will help you be more responsible in the future. Or, see how you feel after a month, and if you want to quit for good – go for it! Remember, you can still go out with your friends and have fun without alcohol, so it’s not like you’re missing out on anything by giving it up for 30 days.

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