4 Simple and Useful Bathroom Renovation Tips

They say that one of the ways to know a person or a family is through the look of their bathroom. If it’s spotless and well-kept all the time, then you must be really a neat person. You also should maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom to make it inviting for unexpected guests. 

Spruce up your bathroom space for a fresher and more inspiring look. A bathroom should always be kept clean no matter what. Hence, you have to put more attention in making it neat at all times.

If you want to give your bathroom a little boost to inspire your bathing activities, consider the following tips:

Paint Walls with a Refreshing Look

Jazz up your bathroom walls by painting them with light and fresh colors. It is essential to have an invigorating bathroom wall for you to feel comfortable when using it. You will definitely feel energized as the walls generate good vibes and revitalize your eyes.

Add a Wow Factor

To revamp your bathroom, you have to make sure that you add some wow factor in it. This does need to be expensive. Instead, you have to know what will appeal to you and your loved ones the most, so you will be inspired whenever you use it.

For example, add a striking mirror to your powder room, unique shelf, or Harris Scarfe digital bathroom scales to monitor your weight progress. Adding indoor plants or stunning accents in your bathroom will make it awe-inspiring as well.

If you want to take it a step further, consider updating the main points of your bathroom (tub, toilet, sink, etc.). While this may not be the cheapest renovation, this just might be the aesthetic fix you’ve been looking for. Have you seen the new Toto toilets lately? There isn’t much to say about toilets, but they are pretty awesome.

Keep Your Storage Purposeful

Redesign your bathroom storage into stylish ones to give it a whole new look. Nonetheless, you still need to consider its purpose. When you decide to modify your storage, you have to think of its use as well. It should not be all about the appearance, rather its function too. In addition, you may re-paint it with a fresh coat to give it an outstanding look.

Update the Lighting

Another that you need to keep in mind when renovating your bathroom is the light. In case they are already outdated, then now is the time to upgrade them. Additionally, the lights will help you to have a better illumination while having a relaxing bath. Just make sure that they are rated for bathrooms.

It won’t hurt your pocket to splurge on something that is worth it and at the same time useful. Since remodeling a part of your home could actually cost you some amount of money, then it is best if you learn how to budget.

Therefore, you better plan your bathroom remodeling well to get the best results. Always remember that your bathroom is also an important part of your home that needs your attention. So, make sure to keep it organized and spotless.

Have a Great Week!

Love and Blessings

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Kim Miller

Oh Amber! This is like the universes aligning lol! I just came across this awesome article – http://diytotry.com/diy-storage-ideas-to-organize…. We have lived in our apartment for 8 years. We've been looking at renting a house but the prices are so crazy … we probably will be here another couple of years so I've been checking things out that are simple to do and won't alter the apartment. (The boys have done enough "altering" that we'll have to repair when we leave – I don't need to be doing any on top of it!) Another great resource is Apartment Therapy – http://www.apartmenttherapy.com.… Read more »

Kim Miller

Mine never stay tidy hon lol – I'e got two teenagers who don't know the meaning of "clean up behind yourself" and there is always some sort of gook in the sink or on the counters and don't EVEN get me started on boys and toilets lol!

Amber Ludwig

Cannot wait until we are done apartment living!! We are so restricted in the changes we can make and I am losing my mind lol!! I love the idea of making storage!! we are always running out of space!!


I keep the bathroom clean enough, but not tidy enough. A quick renovation with more appropriate shelving might just do the trick. Thank You.