4 Simple Things To Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy and Healthy

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One of the simplest ways to be happy in life is to get a pet. And when we have a pet like a dog, it is relatively straightforward to keep them happy. But we have to remember the importance of keeping them in shape and happy in other ways. We need to establish strong bonds with our pets, but we need to be aware of some simple, yet telling components about our dog if something is not right.

How Is Their Nutrition?

Ensuring your pet has the right type of food, as well as the right amount, will help them maintain a healthy weight, which will extend their lifespan. It’s important to check if your dog requires any supplements. There are so many different foods out there it can be overwhelming for any first-time pet owners to find the right foods. There are plenty of reviews online, the Freshpet dog food reviews will be one area to look at. It’s important to make sure you get the right balance of nutrients. And while you may consider giving your dog treats as a reward, you have to remember that treats should only be 10% of your dog’s daily calories. We personally love Freshpet and switched our little Mollyanna to it about 6 months ago and have seen a huge difference!

The Importance of Check-Ups and Preventative Medications

Regular check-ups, including an annual wellness exam, will give your veterinarian the opportunity to detect warning signs of serious illnesses. In addition to this, dental appointments will help to remove plaque and tartar, and when you use the right preventative measures, such as medications and dental chews, you can be confident you are doing everything you can for your dog.

Ensuring Affection and Socializing

You have to establish a strong bond, and it’s not just good for them, but it is good for both of you. There are simple ways to show your pet that you love them, which will strengthen the emotional connection, but it also encourages your pet to have positive interactions with everybody else, animal or human. And when you start to incorporate socialization and exposing them to a wide variety of situations and people at a young age, this greatly reduces aggressive behaviors. The formative years of a puppy are from a few weeks old up to approximately five months. Making sure that they have sufficient interaction during this period is crucial. Even giving them the opportunity to spend time in daycare after being checked over by the vets gives them a wide variety of scenarios to adapt to.

Keeping an Eye on Behavior Changes

If your dog’s behavior has changed recently, this could be a cause for concern and may signify an underlying issue. For example, is the dog scratching more or eating more or less than normal? Any doubts, make sure that you call a vet. And in any environment, you need to make sure that they are safe. A little thing that you can do is give your dog a microchip, especially if they like to get out and about without you noticing! 

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is a priority, but just make sure that you cover these four bases and you won’t go far wrong.

4 Simple Things To Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy and Healthy

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