4 States to Consider Moving To

The hubby and I have been tossing around the idea of moving … whether it just be a different town or out of Virginia completely. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, he’s a Virginia native.

There are plenty of reasons to want to move away from your home state. Perhaps you simply want to make a change and explore somewhere else. There are opportunities everywhere, you just need to know where to look. Here are some of the most interesting states to consider moving to, including some that you may not have thought about. 


I know, you’re sitting there going, Wisconsin? It may not seem the most glamorous place to move to, but it has its own charms that make it a great place for families to get established. To start with, Wisconsin is known for great schools and hospitality, so your children can get a good start with their education as well.

While Wisconsin isn’t the cheapest state to live in, it isn’t too far off and house prices are affordable for most people. Even the cities aren’t too expensive to live in, which is great news because Wisconsin is home to Madison.

Madison is regularly considered one of the best places to live in the country, which is especially attractive when you take into account the relatively low home prices. Madison has consistently ranked in the Top 100 Best Places to Live List since 2014. The University of Wisconsin is an obvious draw, but Madison is currently undergoing a development rush which makes it an exciting city to live in. 


Did you know that Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the country? This can be partially attributed to how easy it is to get outdoors and explore Colorado. The state is rightly famous for its stunning natural beauty, with beautiful lakes, breathtaking mountains, and all kinds of amazing sights to explore.

It’s the perfect place for anyone who likes the outdoors, and there are other upsides as well. Colorado has a healthy economy, which makes it an attractive haven for professionals and those seeking secure economic opportunities. 

If you prefer city life, then look no further than Denver. It has a fantastic quality of life and some fantastic skyline views. It’s an increasingly modern city that’s nice and close to the mountains. Denver is an outdoorsy tech-lover’s dream.


California is the place to be for young hopefuls who seek to make their fortune in the film industry. There’s something about California that’s so glamorous, whether it’s the beautiful weather, sandy beaches, celebrity lifestyle, or the opportunities that you can find there.

In reality, it’s infamously difficult to find a career as a film star, even if you make the move. But this is where things happen, in Hollywood and other industries. If you want to find an affordable place to live, consider buying or building a tiny home in California.


Idaho boasts a low cost of living and plenty of space to breathe. It’s yet another state known for its natural beauty, but it’s also the home of Boise, otherwise known as the City of Trees. Boise is rocketing in popularity, which means that it’s constantly growing and developing to accommodate more people.

Amusingly, Boise is famous for being a brilliant relocation destination, especially for Californians. The economy is on the rise, providing opportunities in tech and health care. 

If you need some additional advice on moving to another state feel free to visit our moving categories on Life in a House, and 10 Tips for Moving to a New State from Moving.com is a great starting point!

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