4 Things That Are Making You Unhappy and How to Restore Happiness

Everyone enters a phase of sadness or depression. Life is marked by highs and lows, with every bend or straight road characterized by a life-changing event. From job loss to sickness or divorce, our happiness can be cut short suddenly or gradually. These events are considered standard features of the human condition and experience. However, when the frustration or sadness becomes chronic, you need a fresh injection of a new perspective of life. A new narrative of life will help in restoring your happiness and set you on course to a fulfilling, happy life. 

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How to Deal With 4 Things That Are Making You Unhappy

If you reflect on your life two years ago with nostalgia and wonder how happiness is now a farfetched thought, consider changing the following things:

Obsession with goals and the future

Setting goals for your future is an exciting and empowering experience. Goals will help you remain focused on building a better future for yourself and your loved ones. However, don’t become overly obsessed with the future and goals. 

Therefore, learn to draw the line between present and future happiness. Obsession with either of the two will make you unhappy. If you can’t be happy today, there are no guarantees you’ll be in the future.

Giving prominence to the voice in your head

We all have an inner narrator in our heads who constantly give a live commentary about the unfolding scenarios in our lives. Self-talking, especially during those quiet moments, can help us focus on our life goals. However, when the commentary becomes negative, we begin to self-doubt, become overly anxious, and sink into depression.

Make your time count by silencing the negative and judgmental commentary in the head and remain true to the facts and your life goals. By keeping your eyes on the target and mind on the prize, the voice in your head will embrace positivity. Don’t let the inner voice prevent you from learning something new. For instance, you may want to learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids and savor the experience. 


Most people who self-isolate when unhappy feel that they’re self-sufficient and operate efficiently alone. Such individuals find it awkward to share their feelings with others. While some become antisocial when unhappy because of societal conditioning, others do it out of personal choice.

Beat self-isolation and antisocial behavior by learning to embrace your emotions. Understand that being emotional is acceptable social behavior and that our emotions are part of us. Visit a therapist or go out with friends or loved ones to lift your mood.

Dangerous comparisons

In this Digital Age, it is common for people to feel a strong desire to impress their virtual friends on social media platforms. However, don’t make such dangerous comparisons force you into chasing the winds. You’ll end up being unhappy and depressed. Always live within your means, set clear and realistic goals, and remain true to yourself.


Happiness is indeed a choice that we consciously make. If you once lived a happy life, don’t let your present situation hold you back. Go out there and find your happiness by remaining true to yourself.  

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