4 Times You Should Transfer Your Credit Card Balance

Unpaid credit card debt can hang over your head and feel like a constant burden. High interest rates may also cause you to feel as though it’s difficult to dig your way out of debt. One potential solution for this financial situation is a credit card balance transfer. If you’re disciplined in making on-time payments, this strategy can help you pay down your debt faster. Explore the following four scenarios in which transferring your credit card balance can be a great way to improve your financial standing.

You Can’t Meet the Monthly Minimums

If you’re struggling to meet the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, shop around for balance transfer options. Late payment fees will only add to your debt, so this situation needs a fast, effective solution. 

With a credit card balance transfer, you may be able to secure a smaller monthly payment that allows you to make some progress toward paying down your debt. To find the best deal for your needs, compare credit card balance transfer offers before you commit to a new card. 

Your Current Card Has a High Interest Rate

Even if you’re making on-time payments every month, a high balance combined with high interest rates will lead to a large chunk of every payment going toward the interest. In this situation, you make little headway when reducing the balance each month. 

In this situation, it’s wise to find a credit card that offers a zero-interest promotion for balance transfers. You may be able to find a card that charges no interest for six months or a year, allowing you time to pay down your debt with no added interest slowing you down.

when to transfer credit card balances

You Want to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit utilization is the amount of your available credit limit that you’re using. When your credit utilization is above 30 percent, it often leads to a lower credit score. 

Transferring your credit card balance to a new card brings the utilization for your old card down to 0 percent. When you choose a card with a no-interest introductory rate, you can pay down your debt faster to get the utilization down on your new card. This approach helps to boost your credit score while also helping you get rid of debt.

You Want a Credit Card with Rewards

If you are able to make payments on time, you may find yourself wanting to switch to a card with better rewards, such as cash-back rewards, travel points, or air miles. Consider transferring your credit card balance to a high-rewards card to start accumulating points, miles, or cash. While you won’t get points on the balance transfer itself, the effort may help you to pay down your debt responsibly while switching to a card that will pay off in the long run with various rewards.

Transferring your credit card balance is a terrific option for certain financial situations. Make sure you do your research by comparing plenty of credit card balance transfer options before deciding.

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