4 Tips for Families Making the Most of a Smaller Space

4 Tips for Families Making the Most of a Smaller Space

Living “big” is the best way to live, right?

Maybe not.

Although the average size of a home has been on the rise over the years, the fact remains that many families are looking to downsize their spaces in search of something simple.

When you consider the benefits of a stripped down, minimalist lifestyle, the desire to downsize makes sense. For starters:

  • The smaller your home or apartment, the smaller your average energy bill
  • Living with less helps you avoid clutter and hoarding household items
  • Smaller spaces can traditionally be purchased on the cheap (depending on your area)

However, the “less is more” lifestyle presents a special set of challenges for families looking to make the most of their space. For example, how can a family of four or five survive in less than 800 square feet?

Thankfully, families can manage less space, if they know how to pick and organize their homes properly. If you’re considering a smaller space, keep the following tips in mind to avoid crowding yourself in and ensuring that everyone in your family has breathing room.

Pick the Proper Size

First and foremost, make sure that you’re thinking about the “big picture” when it comes to your furniture choices. For example, if you find yourself in a smaller space with fewer rooms, it probably doesn’t make sense to load up on sectional sofas.

Instead, you can complement larger furniture with smaller pieces. There’s no “rule” that says you can’t mix and match bold pieces of bedroom furniture with smaller items to avoid clutter: simply use common sense. Think about it: since your furniture represents an investment in your home, it doesn’t make sense to pitch your larger pieces. Instead, do the opposite and find furniture that compliments your centerpieces.

Hug The Walls

Perhaps equally important as the size of your furniture is where you place it. When in doubt, try to make sure that your furniture hugs the walls of your respective rooms. From beds to bookcases and beyond, keeping your furniture against the walls will keep any room from feeling claustrophobic. If possible, try to position items in corners of your rooms to leave open space in the center.

Beef Up Your Storage Game

There are many hidden means of storage that can help clear up the clutter in your smaller space. For starters, you can take advantage of any combination of the following:

  • Areas such as under your bed or stairs which are seemingly “hidden” from view of guests
  • Modern ottomans and coffee tables which double as storage pieces
  • Shelving that ensures that clutter stays off the floor

Mind Games

Additionally, there are steps you can take to mentally make your living space feel larger than life. How so?

For starters, lightly colored walls and floors can help create the illusion of a bigger room. As far as your décor goes, hang items on your walls that scale toward the ceiling, essentially drawing everyone’s eyes upward. These seemingly simple tricks are subtle but can have a big impact on making your space seem larger.

There’s nothing wrong with downsizing: in fact, there are plenty of advantages to a more minimalist lifestyle. Simply take the proper steps so that you don’t feel confined and ensure that you’re happy at home.

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