4 Tips for Staying Fighting Fit Forever

Public health guidelines tell us to get 150 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week. That works out as 30 minutes, five days per week, with two days off, so not all that much. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t achieve even the bare minimum. Life is just too busy and demanding, with so many competing interests that personal fitness takes a back seat. Hence, staying fit long-term is virtually impossible. 

Or is it? 

In this post, we take a look at some tips for staying fighting fit for the rest of your life. Here’s what to do: 

Figure Out Your Why

The first step is to start with the mind and figure out why you want to get fit (and stay there). These reasons are different depending on who you are. Exercise and fitness can be about looking good on social media. But if you’re going to stick with it long-term, it needs to be about more than simply massaging your ego. Vague goals of getting fit or being “ripped” don’t work for most people either. 

Your best bet is to use exercise for some other end. It could be about reducing stress or making friends. It could also be a way to generate positive feelings in your body and mind so that you can perform better in your job. 

Start Slow And Then Build Up From There

You don’t have to jump into a hardcore exercise routine immediately. Instead, you can slowly build it up over time, giving your body and mind a chance to adapt to the pace. It also gives you a few weeks to work with a chiropractor to resolve any faults in your biomechanics. Ensuring that you’re moving properly is vital for comfort while exercising in the future. 

Today, the trend is to do lots of high-intensity interval training. But that kind of approach will leave you feeling exhausted if you jump into it too quickly. Just start off with something gentle that gets you moving and enjoy it. Don’t make a fuss out of it. 

Find Something That You Love

Once you have your “why,” it becomes significantly easier to enjoy the exercise that you do. If you have something that you love, doing it every day is a blissful experience, not a chore. 

If you really can’t find any form of movement that you like, then choose something that you did when you were younger. It could be skating, cycling, or even horse riding. The familiarity will bring back memories and give you a slight head start in your fitness campaign. A familiar set of movements makes you feel right at home. 

Don’t Use Willpower

Willpower might help you exercise for a week or so, but beyond that, you’re in trouble. People who go to the gym for years on end aren’t doing it because they’re forcing themselves to go. Instead, they’re doing it because they love what they do. Willpower isn’t a part of the equation. They’re just asking what they can do to benefit their bodies today. It’s about how they feel. 

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