4 Unique Things That You Can Only Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is undeniably the world’s entertainment capital. The city of lights is home to some of the most unique tourist attractions and experiences. From swimming with dolphins to gambling at the airport, there is always something fun and interesting that you can do in Las Vegas.

Here are four unique things that you can only do in Las Vegas.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Visit The Neon Museum

Neon signs and glowing gas have a special place in the history of Las Vegas. The neon museum is a wonderful place where all the old blinking signs and neon lights go to retire. One unique thing you should definitely do is to take pictures of the letters of your name from the different signs on display. Later, you can use your phone to paste the letters together and create your own unique neon name design.

While you are there, take time to visit the mob museum as well; it will be interesting to learn about the history of the mafias of Las Vegas. You will get to know about the city’s dark underbelly and why Vegas got its nickname “the sin city” from.

Have A Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas is famous for its many wedding chapels and quickie weddings for people who want to elope. Want to marry that girl you just met? Why not have a Vegas wedding? Interestingly, you can also get aliens or Elvis to officiate your wedding. In Las Vegas sinners and saints are welcome. There is also a drive-thru chapel for couples who want to make a lifetime commitment in a hurry.

Swim With Sharks

Do you want to experience the thrill of swimming with sharks? Well, you will enjoy this unique entertainment only in Las Vegas. The Golden Nugget hotel is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Las Vegas. It hosts the only predator-based aquarium with six species of sharks such as the nurse sharks, the brown sharks, the tiger sharks, and the Pacific blacktip sharks.

What is most fascinating about the experience is that you do not come into contact with the predators but you get to see them up close through a glass as you relax in the pool.

Smoke Marijuana Legally

The entertainment city of the world is now the city of cannabis. In 2017, recreational cannabis was legalized and anyone who is 21 years or older can buy, possess and consume adult-use cannabis. Pot tourism is also legal in Las Vegas and this means that if you are a tourist, you can also buy cannabis from a dispensary without worrying that you will get into trouble with the authorities.

When in Las Vegas, you will only get the best Marijuana dispensary menus at the Thrive locations in downtown Las Vegas and in their North Las Vegas dispensary. If you are not into smoking, do not worry, you can still get your favorite recreational marijuana in the form of Vape cartridges, chews, wax and shatter.


There you go; 4 unique things you can only do in Las Vegas. Do you want to thrive, live and enjoy weed in Las Vegas? Go to thrivenevada.com and learn more about cannabis and the law.

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