4 Ways to Better Manage Stress

Stress affects everyone in different ways. For many, it’s manageable, while for others, it can affect many aspects of their life, and in some cases, become debilitating. Thankfully there are ways and means to make it easier to cope, even with the stressful situation of a pandemic affecting us all. Here are 4 ways to keep stress under control. 

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Review Your Work/Life Balance

Remember the old saying, “something has to give?” For many, an increase in stress levels is typically work-related. It can be due to having overwhelming amounts of responsibility, or it may be down to having way too much work and not enough hours in the day. If you feel that your work is the primary cause of your soaring stress levels, it may be time to review your work-life balance.

It is not something that you may be able to change immediately, but it’s worthwhile considering whether a reduction in hours is a viable option. If you feel that you are doing too much, it may be a good idea to talk to your superiors and establish whether extra staff can be employed. We all need to work, but if it’s causing issues with your health, it may be time to review things.

The Power of Meditation


Many people use a combination of mantras (words or phrases repeatedly chanted silently or out loud), gemstone beads, and mala beads (also referred to as Buddhist prayer beads) as they are known to enhance meditation techniques by channeling more powerful energies. If it’s something you are interested in, you can find a guide to Buddhist prayer beads online. You will also find more details about the host of meditation options that can help to relieve stress levels and provide a better inner balance.

Apply Perspective

Meditation is an old age practice and a very well-known stress reliever practiced by millions of people all the world over. It can help build stress resilience when carried out as part of a daily routine or can work as a quick stress reliever when you need it most. Meditation can also help you become more at one with your spiritual side.

If you notice yourself feeling stressed, it’s a wise idea to take a few minutes to establish what it is about a situation that is making you feel this way – and, more importantly, whether it’s worth it. Perhaps you have read something on social media that has wound you up, or your partner has said something that has annoyed you. Before reacting and letting your stress levels soar, apply some perspective, and take a few minutes to evaluate the situation.  

Knee jerk reactions can make a situation far worse than it needs to be, so breathe, focus, and pick your battles wisely.

A Good Bedtime Routine

Lack of sleep can be a factor in how stressed we feel. When we are tired, things that usually wouldn’t be an issue can get blown out of proportion, which can cause stress levels to rise. 

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If you struggle to sleep, try going to bed at the same time every night to help develop a good sleeping pattern. Keep caffeine and alcohol consumption to a minimum and instead of watching TV or using a tablet or iPad in bed, read a book instead. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep – it really can help to keep stress at bay. 

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