4 Ways to Entertain People in Your Garden

I am super excited to share this post with y’all today. I am denying the fact that there is a Noreaster that is bearing down on the East Coast getting ready to dump a few feet of snow everywhere. I refuse to believe it. My brain is firmly embroiled in spring, not winter! So we’re going to imagine sunshine and warmth and parties with friends and family even if there are snow plows making all that racket outside!

If you have a home, chances are you entertain your guests in your garden. Did you know that there are several different items available to enhance your entertaining skills? We’ve got several to share with you today!


Large garden gazebos allow you to welcome guests to your garden, even on rainy days. These large structures can hold various people at the same time, providing you with a warm and welcoming space and a centralized hub where party guests can gather.

Gazebo Party Tent with Sidewalls - $350.85 from Wayfair
Gazebo Party Tent with Sidewalls – $350.85 from Wayfair

Numerous online retailers sell these items, including catalog companies. The one shown is from our friends at Wayfair.com. You can also have a garden tent delivered to your door and even return the item if it doesn’t suit you. You could also open a credit account with one of these companies, where you can spread the cost of your online order and pay in installments. There are various ways you can make payments, including via phone or by logging into your online account on the retailer’s website.


Barbeques have long been popular, but they are now one of the most sought-after garden accessories for many homeowners. Today, there is a wide range of barbeques on the market, including items available in various sizes and shapes, including portable barbeques. These products allow you to prepare food quickly when guests come to visit your garden.

Now you can spread the cost a new barbeque when you take out a credit account with a catalog company. Most retailers that offer this service provide a speedy application process, where, usually, you can find out the status of your application within just a few minutes.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs have become more popular over the recent years. This is because they cost a fraction of the normal price of a hot tub and you can have just as much fun in them. The good thing about an inflatable hot tub is you can pack it away when you are not using it.

They are also brilliant when entertaining people, you can have a few people around for a get together and relax and talk while in the tub. It is a great way of getting friends and family together. You can get the inflatable hot tubs in various sizes. The most common size is the 4-6-person inflatable hot tub.

Dining Tables

Outdoor dining tables are manufactured in a material that withstands the elements and provide a seating space for your guests if you want to serve food in your garden. There are various retailers that sell these tables, and you can have your new dining table delivered to your home address in as little as a day.

So there you have it! Some awesome tips to get you started on your home entertaining in the garden for the season. Are you ready to fire up the barbeque and hit the hot tub? Let us know – we’ll be over with a covered dish in no time!

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  1. I LOVE gazebos!! They are gorgeous and so warm and inviting!! Plus who doesn’t love a great barbecue!!

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