4 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has since changed every family’s way of living. To stay safe, everybody has to stay indoors, turning living spaces into makeshift offices and study halls. However, according to experts, locking yourself at home does not guarantee your safety from harmful air contaminants. The United States Environmental Agency reported that the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. 

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Prashant Kumar of the University of Surrey said that various sources of pollution can be found inside the home, which includes cooking residue, paints, varnishes, and fungal spores. 

Help protect your family from inside your home. Improve your indoor air quality during the pandemic with these 4 easy ways:

Install a Highly Efficient HVAC System

Investing in high-efficiency air conditioning and furnace installation will help keep your home safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Your HVAC system goes beyond keeping your home cool during hot weather and warm during winter. It provides your family with clean and safe indoor air to breathe the whole year-round. HVAC air filters improve the air quality inside your home by trapping harmful air contaminants, including dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander.

The World Health Organization, in its effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, advises the public to run the HVAC system at maximum outside airflow for 2 hours before and after spaces are occupied, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Invest in Air Purifiers

Scented air fresheners will not solve the air quality problem inside your home. To protect your family from respiratory complications, consider buying an air purifier. This product is designed to filter allergens in the air that often trigger allergic reactions in most people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses, in a home or confined space.

Clean and Disinfect Your Home Regularly

After sweeping and wiping clean the different areas in your home, follow with complete disinfection using EPA-registered products. You should practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces in your home as they can be a hotbed for germs and viruses. High touch home surfaces include doorknobs, light switches, handles, phones, keyboards, desks, tables, etc.

Let the Fresh Air In

Proper ventilation plays an important role in improving the quality of air inside your home. To let out bad air and let fresh air inside your home, you will have to open your windows and doors once in a while. The United States Environmental Protection Agency advises that to lower the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in your home, you have to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors.

improve your indoor air quality during a pandemic

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with a New HVAC Installation

Old and faulty heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems will not be able to provide your family with a clean and healthy home environment. To provide better protection to your loved ones, replace your poorly functioning HVAC system with a newer, high-efficiency model. Make haste and connect with a licensed and experienced HVAC contractor in your area today.

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