4 Ways To Make Your Paint Job Last Longer

Every few years, most homeowners will apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten their homes. Every painting project is unique and might differ based on who did the job. But according to recent reports, a typical paint job should last four to six years depending on the surface preparation, paint quality, and application. If you have recently painted your house or are considering doing so, making the coat last may be one of your concerns. The four tips below should be helpful. 

1. Prepare Properly

Professional painters appreciate that proper prep work can take longer than the actual painting job. However, ensuring all surfaces are spotless can help achieve the best results. Therefore, it’s a good idea to scrape away peeling paint and sand the wall surfaces. Also, remove any mold or mildew traces and anything too close to the walls that could get into wet paint and ruin it. It would be best to check your siding for any issue that may cause paint to flake and chip. 

2. Paint at the RIGHT Time

Weather temperature has a significant impact on how well paint relates to surfaces. For instance, your exterior painting performs better when temperatures are between 55 and 80 degrees. Therefore, summer days are ideal for painting jobs since temperatures are usually dry and warm. You can also consider the early spring and late fall if summer doesn’t work for you. However, before beginning, keep an eye on the weather forecasts to ensure that there will be no rain for a few days to allow your paint to completely dry. 

3. Distance Landscaping Features

Planting hedges, flowers, and trees too close to your home can cause moisture, erosion, and rot. Unfortunately, these factors can affect your outside paint job. For instance, ivy can grow into the mortar between bricks of your home exterior and potentially pull it apart. Bushes can also press against the walls and lead to moisture issues such as mildew or wood rot. Therefore, consider where you position your plants, whether you are a gardener or prefer keeping your yard shady with trees.

 4. Regular Maintenance

You expect your painting job to last as long as possible after spending time and money to finish it. A few maintenance practices such as washing and cleaning walls in high-traffic areas can go a long way to achieve this. Pay close attention to spaces behind wall switches, televisions, and near cooking surfaces. It would be best if you could give these areas a gentle cleaning yearly. Accumulated dirt and dust can reduce the lifespan of your painting, and other elements such as a leaking roof can affect your attic and ceiling and leave stains on your walls. In those cases, it can be useful to find a roofing replacement service to assess your roofing and advise on how to solve the leaking problem. 

A good paint job will boost curb appeal and protect your home from weather damage. It can be a significant investment, but the results will last years when done right.

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