4 Ways We Can Socialize More in Isolation

2020 has been a bummer for most people’s social lives. With COVID19 forcing everybody to stay at home as much as possible, closing restaurants and bars, and preventing us from doing activities with our families and friends, socializing is no longer what it used to be. During isolation periods, it’s not uncommon to feel lonely and cut off from the world. Even if you’re isolating with your partner or family members, it’s normal to miss your friends, work colleagues, and other people who you’d normally see but don’t live with. And for those looking to expand their social circle, making new friends has not been easy this year. So, what can you do to improve your social life in isolation?

Meet Online Friends:

There’s no rule that says you can only be friends with people who you know in real life. Today, the rise of social media and dating apps has made meeting people online the norm. I have had online friends for over 15+ years that I have never met in person whom I consider my best friends.

If you want to meet new people and widen your social circle, you don’t have to wait until we can go out again. You can keep in touch with friends via streaming services, make new friends in social media groups, use apps like Bumble Friends, or even by taking online classes and setting up a group chat with your peers. 

Arrange Online Meet-ups:

If you’re missing the regular get-togethers with your friends for drinks, dinner, or visiting the cinema then why not try to replicate this online? Zoom, WhatsApp, or FaceTime are all easy ways to set up a video call and if you’re all friends on Facebook you can add multiple people to the same video call through Facebook Messenger. Set aside time each week that works for everybody’s schedule if some or all of you are still working from home, and arrange to do something, whether it’s just catching up with a drink or watching a movie together

Keep in Touch With Colleagues:

If you’re working from home due to COVID19, making the leap from being in the office around your co-workers to working alone from home can feel quite isolating. If you have a good relationship with your co-workers then it’s normal to miss seeing them every day, but you don’t have to stop being social. Setting up a group chat or even a group video call throughout the working day so that you can socialize with co-workers as usual and discuss your work is a great way to be both more productive and more social while working from home. Your boss might even have something in place like Slack that allows you to do this easily; if not, it’s definitely worth putting the idea out there!

Safely Socialize Outdoors:

Depending on where you live and the specific rules for the lockdown, you may be able to meet up with one or more people outdoors as long as this is done in a safe, socially distanced way. Not only is this a great way to stay in touch with your family and friends who live nearby but getting out of the house and getting some fresh air will also be very beneficial to you in lockdown. You could meet up for socially distanced walks with friends where you can catch up and get some exercise in the meantime. 

This year, the novel coronavirus has certainly not helped our social lives. Being unable to meet up and do normal activities with friends, family, and even co-workers has certainly taken a toll on a lot of people. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative communication options today that you can take advantage of to keep your social life going in isolation. 

What are some ways that you have kept in contact with friends and loved ones? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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