4 Ways You Can Make Money From Your Clutter

One Person's Clutter Is another person's treasure

If you know how to organize things, clutter may be a surprising and decent source of money. Many of us accumulate large amounts of clutter, which we keep in cabinets, bins, or even our basements. These boxes may quickly accumulate, especially if you have children who enjoy buying the latest toys, video games, and electronics. As a result, you may wind up with a big collection of clutter that is actually valuable. 

There are many reasons why you might be looking to get rid of clutter around your home in exchange for some extra money. Whether you’re saving for a vacation or looking to remodel your basement, decluttering is a win-win from all angles! So, in this piece, we’ll look at how to tell the difference between the treasures and the waste, and ultimately, how to organize your home.

Electrical items can make a lot of money

You can sell your unwanted gadgets, whether they’re in working order or not, and make some money from them. Electronics are a good source of precious metals, therefore they’re good candidates for recycling. If, on the other hand, the gadgets you have laying around are in working order, you could just sell them as-is and make some money. If your gadgets are still new and boxed, you can sell them back to the manufacturer. Apple, for example, accepts trade-ins for outdated devices in exchange for store credit toward a future purchase.

Books are a treasure

If, like most, you’ve got a mountain of books you’ll never read, then it might be time to pack them up and sell them on websites like eBay or Amazon. From children’s books like Harry Potter to guides like the ultimate “Basement Remodeling Guide” (let’s face it, you might need this one if you are remodeling your basement after all), you could sell them for a few pounds each (check the value beforehand) and pop it into your pot to save for later!

Utilise your gift cards

Gift cards may also be a surprising source of cash, especially if you have a large number of them lying around. You can sell them online either back to the supplier or specialized sites. Simply give them your code, and they’ll verify to see whether it’s valid before crediting your bank account with the amount. It’s quick and straightforward, and it aids in the disposal of unwanted gift cards.

While most people dislike the concept of selling presents, gift cards are frequently left unused since you’re forced to shop at certain businesses. Many individuals nowadays choose not to utilize gift cards because they can often acquire those goods cheaper on the internet.

Collectables are worth a surprising amount of money!

Finally, there’s a high possibility you have something collectible among your clutter, whether it’s comic books, trading cards, or video games. With vintage trading cards fetching thousands of pounds and video games fetching hundreds of pounds (even without their original boxes!), your unsightly clutter might be hiding a treasure trove of valuable items.

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