5 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

So, you’ve purchased or rented a house and now urgently need a fast and budget-friendly remodel done? Or maybe you want to renovate your old house by making it more modern, interesting, and stylish? Serious home makeovers tend to be very expensive and time-consuming. The good news is that there are affordable ways to give your home a facelift that won’t break the bank. These five home improvement ideas will make your abode cozier while sparing your family’s budget.

Five Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A Facelift

Refurbish the walls

There are several frugal ways to refresh the walls in your home and transform the atmosphere or a room. For instance, you can repaint them using a new color. If you want some more dramatic changes, you can try to remove the concrete layer to reveal bricks. The rough and uneven surfaces of the masonry can become a distinctive feature of the room. If you apply a layer of special primer or paint, the plaster won’t crumble or spread dust.

If you want to use wallpapers, it’s best to choose vinyl options that perfectly mask roughness. When it comes to design, you should either opt for plain-colored wall coverings with interesting textures or choose vertical stripes. Simple patterns will do as well if they don’t produce too many offcuts. Vinyl wallpapers will allow you to decorate your home in a stylish manner.

Breathe new life into old furniture

Old things which can no longer be used for their intended purpose can be reused in new and interesting ways. For instance, you can create a lamp from an old bottle, a radio gramophone can be transformed into a bedside table, and a leather suitcase made into a coffee table. Repair, restore, and give a new life to old things – is a motto of a popular trend called upcycling. This new approach, which implies eco-friendly and reasonable consumption, can be successfully used in the interior design with a bunch of benefits. For instance, upcycled products are practical – there is no need to buy new items when you can use old ones. Also, they give an opportunity to refresh your interior and creatively approach the design of your home.

Shower your house

You regularly take a shower, bathe your pet, and even your car gets a wash every once in a while. Your house also deserves to be clean! We always tidy up the inside, wash the floors, clean the carpets, and wipe the dust, but we often forget about the exterior walls. Meanwhile, the walls of the house are the first thing that your guests see. Dust, dirty drips, and ingrained dirt can spoil the impression of the friendliest reception. Therefore, you should give your house a good wash at least once every six months. You can do it yourself or hire experts like pressure washing Charlotte NC. For those that are in need of a good home wash in the Richmond area there are local companies ready and waiting to serve you as well.

Everything should have its own place

You don’t even have to embark on remodeling to give your home a new appearance. Look around and see if all your things are in the right places. A simple facelift can be made by rearranging the furniture and putting your stuff where it belongs. Get used to returning things to their designated places after they have been used. To set your house in order, you can purchase or craft various organizers; thankfully there are a lot of DIY ideas on the internet.

Rid your house of cables

Today, every house is crammed with electronics, which, of course, are installed after a remodel is complete. Entangling the house, these wires create a sense of messy disorderliness. Luckily, there are easy ways to handle these unsightly cables. For example, you can conceal a cable from a wall-mounted TV with a dracaena or ivy twining along the walls. Also, you can arrange the sofa, table, or chest of drawers so that the furniture covers the wires running around the house. Finally, you can hide the cables under the carpet.

As you can see, these simple solutions will not only help create a new look for your house but also save your money!

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