5 Apps to Help You Detox

What we put into our bodies affects us both mentally and physically. Eating too much junk and processed food over time can leave us feeling sluggish, lethargic, and even depressed. To give your body and mind a reboot, detoxing can be a great idea. There are plenty of ways to detox, depending on your dietary preferences. For a few starting points, these five apps have got you covered. 

1 . Fitberry 

Fitberry provides you with free healthy recipes and many even have helpful videos to follow. Fitberry also offers features whereby you can add food to your shopping list plus receive reminders of the recipe ingredients which you need. Whatever your health preferences are, Fitberry has recipes catered to you, whether Mediterranean, paleo, keto, or vegan. With this app, it’s easy to design your very own custom recipe collection. The recipes are based on long-term health plans as opposed to a short-term fad diet. You can set yourself health goals and improve your cooking along the way!

2. Yogic Foods

Yogic foods is a vegetarian-based app for those also interested in yoga and yogic health benefits. Along with recipes and cooking help, you’ll get plenty of interesting tips on mantras, chakras, and more! This app is amazing because not only do you get healthy recipes, but you get to learn about which foods you should be eating depending on your current mood. You’ll learn how to give your body and mind exactly what it needs -through food. Just perfect for a feel-fab detox.

3. Detox in 21 Days

This app is just fab for anyone looking to lose weight, cleanse, and improve their habits. You’ll get a great detox, including a wide variety of foods plus guidelines for exercise too. With the app, you’ll get a daily meal plan and tips on eating out to help you navigate those tricky restaurant days! Detox in 21 days claims you’ll benefit from a faster metabolism, improved energy, and glowing skin too ( so what are you waiting for)! 

4. Infused Water 

Infused water is a great detox program with the main goal of drinking more water. The idea is that hydration is vital to health and that infused water aims to make drinking water more exciting! The app encourages you to ditch the sodas and try their unique infused water recipes. From Grape, cucumber and mint infusions to strawberry and watermelon- you’ll be super hydrated and satisfied in no time. To improve your health fast, plenty of water is the key.

5. Every Raw Detox

The raw food diet is based around the idea that when we cook vegetables, they lose nutrients and enzymes. This app is based on eating raw food dishes and vegan dishes. Despite this, you don’t need to be a vegan to use the app, and you don’t need to be committing to only eating raw food forever. You can use the app for a day, or a week etc. as a nice healthy cleanse. There one-hundred recipes available and detoxing tips too. You’ll learn some tasty new ways to eat raw foods and be feeling revitalized before you know it.

As with any diet changes, ensure to detox safely. Make sure that you eat enough, listen to your body, and take supplements if you need too. Taking a break from junk foods, caffeine, and alcohol will work wonders for your health, both emotionally and physically. Those who have ongoing problems with alcohol should consult their doctor before attempting any detox. Depending on the level of dependency, addiction treatment centers may be a safer place to make changes. 

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