5 Apps To Help You Look After Your Health

Creating a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. Many of us easily fall into unhealthy habits, especially when we’re feeling stressed. From your fitness to your mental health and your hearing health, these apps have lots of awesome features to try to help you look after your health.

1. TRX

TRX is a fitness app that can help you to lose weight, build strength and get healthy. The app offers audio coaching, to help you achieve your fitness goals. Using these workout programs, you can improve your fitness training, and create a healthier lifestyle. There are lots of cool features, a few include:

  • Choose from cycling, yoga, running, suspension training, and more.
  • Real coaches from all over the world.
  • Create personalized workout programs.
  • On-demand fitness sessions to try whenever you like.
  • Choose a level to suit your needs.

2. Mindshift

The Mindshift app uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, to help reduce stress and anxiety. With the help of these techniques, users can reduce negative thought patterns, relax, and practice mindfulness. To reduce phobias, discomfort, panic, and anxiety, this is the app you need.

Mindshift will teach you about various CBT strategies, such as thought journal, fear ladders, and comfort zone challenges. Using calming audio, you can stay grounded, and rewire your thoughts. Check our features such as:

  • Set goals to stay on track.
  • Coping cards to support anxious times.
  • Guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.
  • Tips to overcome phobias, panic attack, social anxiety and more.
  • Belief experiments, helping you to challenge certain beliefs.

3. Decibel: dB Sound Level Meter 

Looking after your hearing health is incredibly important. As well as general health benefits there are also social benefits of healthy hearing. It’s important to take preventive measures to protect your ears.

According to the World Health Organization, ‘Eighty-five decibels is considered the highest safe exposure level up to a maximum of eight hours.’ Using the Decibel app you can measure the sound decibels in different environments, to help protect your ears. With the help of this tool, you can prevent exposing your ears to dangerous sound levels. The app provides other features such as a spectrum analyzer, a noise dosimeter, and a hearing test. 

4. Easy Vegetarian

Want to get more vegetables in your diet? Then check out the Easy Vegetarian app. The app includes lots of healthy veggie and vegan recipes. All the recipes are simple to make, you don’t need to be a pro chef to eat a little healthier. Using this app you’ll benefit from:

  • Plenty of recipes that are high in protein.
  • Check the nutritional info for each recipe.
  • Create a shopping list, adding the ingredients you need.
  • Save your fav recipes on one list.
  • A guide to the vegetarian diet.

5. Slumber

If you struggle to sleep, the Slumber app is a useful tool. The app includes relaxing meditations and sleep stories, to help people with insomnia. Simply choose a relaxing sleep soundtrack, and listen to it as you drift off. Every slumber episode has been created to help you feel calm and peaceful. You can also make adjustments to the sounds, and background noises, creating the perfect sleep track.

From your mind to your ears and your sleeping patterns, these apps have everything you need to stay healthy.

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