5 Awesome Burglar Deterrents For Every Family Home

As our recent post on home security explained, it’s essential to ensure your house is as secure as possible. But regardless of how much you spend on locks and hidden security cameras, every home is still a potential target for burglars.

Secure premises can stop them getting in, of course, but in an ideal world, you never want to test out their strength. It’s also worth bearing in mind that experienced burglars can often find a way to anything if they put their minds to it.

So, to truly secure your home, you want to make sure the criminals know your home is not to be messed with. And here are some of the best deterrents out there that any family home can use to protect themselves from a break-in.

5 Awesome Burglar Deterrents For Every Family Home - The Alarm System

The Alarm System

One of the first things burglars will look for when scoping out your home is a sign of an alarm system. The key thing to remember here is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even a dummy alarm box will be enough to scare off the average intruder – as long as it looks convincing enough. Don’t forget, burglars and thieves prefer easy targets. Unless they know there is something of great value in your home, they just won’t take the risk.

Visible Surveillance Cameras

Our last post suggested using hidden surveillance cameras. While these are ideal for capturing the bad behavior of, say, a babysitter, they do nothing to repel burglars. If someone with malicious intentions approaches your house and sees they are on video, they are far more likely to move onto another target. Make sure your cameras are visible, a and you will put off all but the most motivated thief.

5 Awesome Burglar Deterrents For Every Family Home - Noise and Light

Noise and Light

There are two things that every burglar hate most – being seen, and being heard. With this in mind, make sure you are making them as uncomfortable as possible and try to scare them off fast. Loose stones on your driveway is a great way to scare off a burglar – the crunchy noise it produces under foot can sound incredibly loud at night. If the noise isn’t enough to put off a thief, perhaps your motion-sensitive LED wall pack will. As sudden bright light, combined with a visible camera, will make most burglars flee in an instant.

5 Awesome Burglar Deterrents For Every Family Home - Mollyanna, the Jack Russell Killer Guard Dog

A Yappy Dog

Don’t be sucked into buying a big dog to ward off burglars. Larger dogs tend to be gentle and soppy when they are family pets, which is no good for scaring off intruders. Instead, consider getting a small dog with a big voice. Jack Russells or any small terrier love having a good shout. Trust me, Mollyanna sounds like a 500 pound pit bull when someone knocks on the door! I’d be happy to rent her out if you need a good guard dog!!! Given that you will struggle to keep them quiet, it’s unlikely a burglar will have a hope in hell!

5 Awesome Burglar Deterrents For Every Family Home - A Fake TV

A Fake TV

One of the best deterrents going is the clear sign of someone watching TV in a house. If you are planning on going away and are worried about burglars, get yourself a device that replicates the flicker of a real television. Burglars hate confrontations, as it significantly increases their chance of getting caught. And it will make all but the less ardent intruder think twice about entering your home. Or you could always just leave the television on in the family room like we do!

What are some tips you have for keeping your home, and your family, safe and secure? Share them with us in the comments below!

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